Can you?

on 10/19/12 7:21 pm - Canada
 Hi everyone,
to everyone who had the VSG can you drink a glass of water after 2 months of the sergery on 2 or 3 sips? 
on 10/20/12 2:53 am - Dubai, XX
VSG on 03/13/12
I could drink about 4 sips and had to let it go down before I could drink again.




on 10/20/12 2:59 am
VSG on 03/29/12
Not sure if you are pre- or post-op, or the context of this question, but for me, drinking fluids is completely different now from before surgery, and I'm over 6 months out.

In the first couple of months, there is no way I could get in 8 oz of water in 2 or 3 sips.  I couldn't drink plain water at all without it making me feel sick, and even with flavoring in it I had to take it slow.  Now I can go through a 20 oz bottle of plain water in about an hour with no problems and without rushing it, but for me fluids still go down quicker with a little flavor in them.  Now that I can drink almost normally again, I have to remind myself to get my fluids in... because if I don't, I can easily forget to drink and end up dehydrated.

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on 10/20/12 8:48 am - Lake Odessa, MI
Revision on 08/21/12
I am nearly 9 weeks out and I cannot drink more that 2 good swallows at a time without it flying back at me. If I wait several minutes I can continue in that manner but liquids can give me the same overfull sensation that too much food can.


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on 10/31/12 9:28 am - Canada

Congratulation on reaching your goal, keep it up :)