F this protein shake!

Taelor S.
on 11/6/12 10:58 pm - IN
Well, friends.... today is day one of my 2 week preop diet. I decided to start the morning with a chocolate muscle milk light, which Ive never had before.... BIG MISTAKE!!! This stuff is so gross! It reminds me of slightly less thick barium. I've really had a great attitude about this pre op diet but now I'm just cranky! I don't want this crap! Waaah pray, meditate, send me good vibes, whatever it is you do, PLEASE just keep me in your thoughts. I'm gonna need strength.

on 11/6/12 11:01 pm
VSG on 11/14/12

Sorry!  I've done just a little pre-op taste testing, and I agree.  I haven't tried the premier protein shakes, but other people give them great reviews.  I hope you have a variety you can choose from!

Also, can you Greek Yogurt?  That's pretty tasty -- I know it's on my full liquid list for post op.

Good luck!  Hang in there!

on 11/6/12 11:08 pm

you can try other protein shakes, but also, keep in mind that your body is chemically/hormonally reacting to the changes in diet.  I haven't had surgery yet (scheduled for 15 Nov), but I have done a liquid diet twice, whi*****luded protein shakes for months at a time.  The first week you will be tired, have headaches, and be very grumpy.  It is your body going into withdrawls basically.  Just power through the next few days. 


Nadurra Deb
on 11/6/12 11:17 pm - CO
VSG on 08/06/12

I think that pre-op diet is one of the hardest parts of this journey. I feel for you and I will pray for you to stay strong. Just keep reminding yourself this part is TEMPORARY and serves a medical purpose. That helped me thought it.

Pre-op I got the unflavored protein powder from Unjury and Nectar and added the Torani syrups I ordered from Amazon. I got a variety pack. Post-op those Torani flavors just didn't taste right until recently and even then I only like them now mixed in my greek yogurt. My go to protein shake since surgery is the Premier Protein shakes from Cosco (and Sam's too I think). I liked that they were thicker and not so sweet, the chocolate anyway. I don't really like the vanilla. Keep trying different samples and you will find something that works. Don't forget about the unflavored protein powder that you can add to things too...like puddings, yogurt and the like.

Good luck! Hang in there. I know this will be the longest 2 weeks of your life but you have so much to look forward to and it will all be worth it!


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on 11/6/12 11:19 pm
VSG on 06/18/12

Don't give up just because one brand sucks, actually more then just one brand sucks. 

Finding the brand you like is a learning experience.  Do you like the ready to drink brands or the mix yourself powder brands. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or other flavor options. For me I like how easy it is to grab a Ready To Drink (RTD) brand.  I love the Premier shakes mixed with my coffee in the morning, well love might be a little drastic but it works well for me.  For my pre-op I used the 20g of protein slim fast, and greek yogurt and I think I tried the Atkins brand too, but then looked for something a little lower in carbs for post op.  If you take advantage of a local support group ask the post op ppl what they like.

Some people say their taste changed after surgery so take this two week pre-op to order samples for the liquid post op stage.  Don't invest in huge tubs before trying a sample, GNC will let mix you up samples to try in store, they also have a clear fruity protein line (i can't remember the name) that you can buy by the bottle. Also your NUT might have samples or suggestions.

Stick with it, you will be able to find something that works for you.  Good luck!!

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on 11/6/12 11:40 pm
VSG on 11/21/12

I am on day two of the two-week pre-op diet.  I found that adding an extra two ounces of water to the BA chocolate protein powder, shaking it vigorously in the blender bottle, and then adding a few ice cubes has made it easier for me.  I shake the bottle before I drink from it.

Having Crystal Light and SF Jello to look forward to in between shakes is helping me as well.  Does your pre-op plan allow for that?  Mine also allows low-fat chicken, beef or vegetable broth, which I'm going to pick up at the store later today for yet another option that isn't sweetened.

Hang in there!



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on 11/6/12 11:48 pm - CA
VSG on 08/21/12

Try Premier Protein shakes...they're good. I buy mine at Costco, but you can order them online at Amazon.

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Michael L.
on 11/7/12 12:00 am - Fall River, MA
Syntrax Nectar Chocolate Truffle!! Yum!! Can be found at Vitacost.com or Amazon or www.gastricbypasssupplements.com

The double stuffed cookie and Cappachino are also great!

As far as RTD (ready to drink) I like the Ultra Pure Protein, Cookies and Creme. it has 35grams of protein and 4 carbs in a 11oz. shake.

Good luck!!

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Taelor S.
on 11/7/12 12:10 am - IN
You guys are all awesome! The support here is unbelievable! I haven't experimented much with RTDs, but so far I'm not impressed. I DO love the syntrax cappuccino, but I'm already starting to feel like the overly-sweet dessert like flavor of most shakes is a bit nauseating. I've been wanting to try isopure but they're SO PRICEY. I think Ijust might have to bit the bullet and buy a case. A few of you mentioned misxing unflavored powder with greek yogurt... is that allowed on the pre op diet? My office gave us a list of things we could eat if we were having hunger pains and greek yogurt was on the list, but they never clarified if we could do that in place of a shake, that would be rad if we could though!
on 11/7/12 4:51 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15

adding a teaspoon of plain unsweetened hershey cocoa to any choc shake will cut some of the sweetness and make it more chocolately. GL