What a ride this has been!!! PIcs Included

on 12/28/12 2:56 am - OH
VSG on 06/11/12

This has been an amazing ride so far!!! I am officially down 93llbs from my surgery weight. These last 6 months have flew by and I am loving the new life I am living! I sought so much guidance and support from this website!! Thank you to everyone for all your advice and encouragement! This is a wonderful support group for all of us! I am so happy I found this site before my surgery to do all the research and am thankful to have it after surgery for all the support and advice.

I hope this next year is the best yet for all of us!!

Take Care,









36 LBS was before my VSG surgery. Surgery Date was 6/11/12.
on 12/28/12 3:02 am - CA
VSG on 12/17/12
You look beautiful and amazing. How exciting. I can't wait to put my before and after pics.. And I agree. Thank goodness for everyone here on OH.
on 12/28/12 3:09 am
Wow!! Awesome job!!! You look fantastic!! Congrats on your success!!




on 12/28/12 3:12 am
VSG on 11/26/12
Congrats! You look amazing!
on 12/28/12 4:03 am
VSG on 12/12/12

Congrats.. You look wonderful!!


on 12/28/12 4:10 am - GA
VSG on 11/14/12


on 12/28/12 4:26 am

Great 6 months !


SW 338lbs. GW 175lbs. Goal in 11 months. CW 148lbs. WL 190lbs.

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on 12/28/12 5:14 am
VSG on 01/28/13
You look amazing! Hoping my first 6 months go that well!
on 12/28/12 5:19 am - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
VSG on 10/15/12

Wonderful progress!



Ht: 5'2" |  HW 225, BMI 41.2  |  CW 115, BMI 21.0

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on 12/28/12 6:01 am

What a fantastic 6 months you've had! Congrats!

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