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on 5/28/13 12:22 pm - Glendale, AZ
VSG on 04/06/13

Tonite I wanted a hamburger so I decided have a couple of bites.  It was from my favorite place too! and it tasted........eeeyah.  It was just food, I would have been just as happy with my 2 oz of tuna.  Everyone said that the taste buds change and boy mine have.  I tried a bite of red licorice, it didn't even taste good enough to swallow so I spit it out.  So I will be sticking with my tuna and my baked ricotta (which I used a pizza sauce on instead of marinara, yumm) and be just as happy!

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on 5/28/13 1:44 pm - Davison, MI

I didn't try a hamburger that soon out but when I did, I loved it.  I wish I hadn't

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on 5/28/13 5:07 pm - WA
VSG on 03/04/13
The same for me for the most part. I am blessed that i have been able to tolerate anything after my surgery. And have even had some of my favorites, pizza. But it was just ok. I more found that as i was eating it thinking its good, but not worth the carbs! So i just scraped off the topping and left the crust which used to be my favorite part! Amazing how food is coming off of that pedestal, especially the more i am aware of 'am i really enjoying this, or just eating it cuz its there?'. Pretty empowering if i focus on that analysis. Definitely an NSV!!!!

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Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 5/28/13 7:15 pm
VSG on 10/09/12

Fuel for the body and fuel for the soul! LOL!! I still love everything as before.. no taste change here at all. Just smaller portions keep me very satisfied and happy. 

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