Fat Rolls and Incisions, oh my!

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    I am 13 days post op, doing fantastic in all regards except one of my incisions. It is on the left side and was placed smack dab in the center of a long term fat roll. This fat roll and I go waaaaaay back, probably in the 90's. My steri strip fell off of it 2 days ago, the first day I could see in the hole a little bit, and there is whiteish stuff inside. It closed up a little but is now leaking a little clear fluid. There is no heat, redness, streaking, around wound site, and I have no fever.  (Thank God) It seems like it will be impossible to close up due to the skin crease. Every time I stand up, sit down, move at all, it comes apart. Did this happen to anyone and how did you manage it. I will be calling the Dr. tomorrow, it just helps to know I'm not alone :)

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Welcome to the Losers' Bench! It's very likely that this incision is sore because it is the one that was dilated (stretched out) in order to pull out the portion of stomach that was removed. I had one that was wicked sore for about 2 weeks. Lovely bruises, too. Do ask your surgeon about it, but unless it's red, warm, etc (like you've already said it isn't), then you're likely fine :) The clear fluid is (according to my VERY limited medical background in veterinary medicine!!) probably just serum, which is a component in blood that aids in the healing process. But as always on these boards... Don't take my word for it!

Take care! And say good bye to that dear fat roll! It'll be gone before you know it!

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When my strips came off, I needed to use band aids for a while because of leakage. Strategically placed, they also helped with stabilizing the issue around the incision sites, as well. The one in my belly button took a fair amount of time to heal up because I kept stretching it back open.

Congrats on your recent surgery! Welcome to the losers bench.



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Yup!  I have one just the under-side of a fat roll.  In trying to clean it and re-bandage it, I pulled the stitches and it gaped open.  I finally figured out that I had to lay down on the bed to clean it and change the bandage so that I had minimal pull on the incision.  I figure when I get my tummy tuck, I'll have them fix the terrible scar that is sure to come from this gaping wound.

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Hi JennyLove,  My surgery was Nov.6th and I had the same exact problem with the incision on the left side, but closer to my navel in one of my fat rolls too (awkward placement).  It went away and has healed wonderfully.  I put neosporin it per my Dr. office.  It was the only incision that I had a problem with.

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