2 1/2 yrs out but...

on 1/29/14 12:52 pm - LA

I am 2 1/2 years out and have maintained a 135 weight loss but recently I find that I can eat more and am hungry more.  I have gained 4 lbs and do not want to let it go anymore than that.  Is there anyone out there that has had this issue this far out and how did you handle it?  I still exercise 3 times a week and try to eat only things that I know are good for me, not much junk at all, I think it is just I feel hungry more lately.  I am hoping it is just a temp problem!  Did you gain some and level off after a certain amount of time?  Thanks...curious!

on 1/29/14 1:09 pm - Davison, MI

My DD did.  She put back on about 20 pounds and than stayed there.  She works out several times a week yet too.

You might want to start journaling again if you aren't.  Get a handle on your eating and try to figure out if it is head or real hunger.  I am getting hungry more now too but, I know it is in my head.  When I take a bite my stomach is still full.  Protein first!!!

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Sandy M.
on 1/29/14 8:54 pm - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

Just curious - have you introduced more carbs into your diet by chance?  They set the hunger off in me big time!  I recently detoxed from them for a couple of days and the hunger went away again.

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on 1/29/14 9:04 pm

Whoopsie... watch out for the dreaded Carb Creep! Are you eating your chicken and tuna with crackers now? I noticed you said "not much junk at all"... that is a Red Flag statement right there... in my overeating days, "not much junk at all" might mean 2 bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos after lunch!

Try writing down what you eat. Compare that to how you ate before. If you're eating more carbs and junk, those DO stimulate your appetite. Try cutting those foods first, and see how you feel appetite-wise in a couple weeks.

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on 1/29/14 10:45 pm - LA

I very rarely eat any kind of desserts or "junk" and if I do it is a few bites.  As far as carbs maybe that is it, I will try to see if that is more the culprit by paying attention....I have been on vacation recently and I do find when I get off my routine it is easier to eat more things that I would not usually eat even after we get home and that would be more carbs, for sure.  Any you all stay away from totally?  Thanks for the suggestions and if you have more please send them!!  always learning.....

on 1/30/14 1:15 am, edited 1/30/14 1:16 am
VSG on 10/30/13

I shun carbs and sugar like the plague. It's not even an option for me and because of that mindset I'm not tempted. I actually get my carbs from my protein drinks and G2 Gatorade. At some point, when my tiny tummy can handle more than 3oz of protein, I will add in some veggies or fruit with carbs but I doubt that will happen before I'm 6 months out.  No cookies, crackers, chips, cereal, bread, cake, pizza, donuts..nada. 

I'm having a heck of time getting the scale to move downwards, this after eating 400 calories, burning off 900 calories via cardio exercise. The thing is, if I did eat some bad carbs, then I wouldn't have this absolute conviction that I have done nothing to impede my weight loss and can work through this minor stall. If I had cheated then I would blame myself..if that makes sense? 






Sara R.
on 1/30/14 6:00 am

Hi there,

I am 2 years 1 month out and did some regain in my 2nd year. I felt hungry alot and did alot of emotional/boredom eating. I have completely revamped my intake. protein first, logging everything, doubling the water. ive gone back to switching out a meal for a protein shake until i could get the hungry monster under control. tracking did wonders for me. i didnt realize how much sugar and carbs i was truly taking in. I also got a fit bit, which i never used before and that has really helped me see what im eating and what im putting out, calorie wise. 


I hope this helps. Good luck. the trick is to catch it early like you are.


Jenny C.
on 1/30/14 9:03 am

I will be at the 3 year mark this April.  At 2 years I also felt a jump in my appetite.  I'm up about 8 pounds from my lowest and have been stable here for almost a year.  I was losing below where I wanted to be before, but those days are long long gone.  Sigh.  Your good food habits are very important at this juncture, and tracking is important.  Remember the basics like not drinking with meals nor drinking your calories.  My husband and I now eat according to Kathy Abascal's "To Quiet Inflammation" diet because you can't get much healthier than that--you can drop pounds like crazy on that eating plan.

on 2/1/14 8:19 am

Hi Jenny,  I am new and hoping to have a revision to the vertical sleeve.  Don't even know if the monitor will post this but I hope so.  Please read thru...

7 years ago, I had lap band surgery.  After 1 1/2 years (!) I finally got good restriction and by going into year 3 out, had lost about 80 pounds.  Not very good numbers to me but it was a terrible time getting that restriction and yes, I was following my diet.  However, after a very difficult and stressful time, my band rebelled and I vomited for 12 hours straight, mostly dry heaves.  I had a  fluid removed, lost my job due to lack of work and cannot afford any more adjustments.  The band and I are not a good match.

That all said, after fluid was removed from the band, I was again able to eat salads, veggies, which I love, and couldn't get enough.  THEN...one day I had just a little taste of something sweet.  Sugar is my heroin!  I thought I would be able to lose the weight I was starting to regain but it didn't happen that way.  I became addicted to sugar again!  There are still things I cannot get past the band but if it's sweet, it goes right thru!  DO NOT  go back to your old habits!!  I am so very sorry I did.  Those FEW pounds turn into 10+10+10.....

7 years later, I have regained all of my weight and can't get away from sugar.I know now that if I am lucky enough to be approved for VSG, I will also need counseling to keep me away from sugar once and for all.

on 2/1/14 9:27 am

Any chance you had a recent medicine change?  When I am put on steroids I could eat an elephant-

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