First vacation since sleeve - NSV

on 3/20/14 3:57 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

I just got back from my first vacation since my surgery 8/26/13.  I had so much fun and so many NSV's.  First NSV was finding clothes to wear.  When I started this journey I was 26-28 top and very tight 24 bottom.  I am proud to say that I now wear 18 on top and 16 on bottom.  I did not want to buy a bunch of expensive clothes when I am still trying to lose weight.  I fortunately came accross a $5 sale at Steinmart and purchased 4 new tops and this was from regular size dept.  They were all xl but for someone who has been plus size forever it was awesome!  With the 2 pair of jeans and 2 pair of leggings I already had I was set for day time, but now I needed evening wear.  A coworker and friend graciously let me raid her closet and I was able to borrow 3 extremely nice evening wear outfits.  It still amazes me when something that looks so small fits me :-)  Second NSV was the plane ride.  I have used a seatbelt extender for years and years.  I was so excited when I buckled that seatbelt and had room to spare!  I was also able to fold down table and it not touch my lap or legs.  WooHoo!  My husband was proud of me!  I carried my old extender to the airport just encase and I was thrilled to leave it behind!  Third NSV was all the walking we did.  I outlasted everyone and did not break a sweat!  It was great!  Last NSV and funny to  me but not my hubby was I received a marriage proposal, LOL!  To have someone find me attractive when I have felt so ugly for years was sweet and made me fill like a million bucks!

Loving my sleeved life!!!

Toni Dallison

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil. 4:13

Kelly Jean
on 3/20/14 4:07 am
VSG on 04/08/14 so glad you had a good time and things went so easy for you!  congratulations !!  


on 3/20/14 4:15 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

Thank you!  I have always hated to fly but now I am ready to go again! LOL!

Toni Dallison

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil. 4:13

on 3/20/14 4:19 am - FL
VSG on 03/10/14

So many great NSV. You should be super proud of yourself. You go girl!!!! I hope to have a lot of the same NSV in my journey though I am not there yet I am sure I will be . I am only 10 days out from my surgery... Your post is so inspiring thank you, dawn


on 3/20/14 4:24 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

Thank you Dawn and congratulations on your surgery and weight loss to date.  It is amazing how great you feel as time goes on.  I feel like a normal person now, just one who cant eat much, LOL! 

Toni Dallison

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil. 4:13

Gwen M.
on 3/20/14 4:19 am
VSG on 03/13/14

What awesome successes!  Congratulations on all of your hard work.  

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on 3/20/14 4:25 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

Thank you so much!

Toni Dallison

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil. 4:13

Colleen O.
on 3/20/14 4:21 am
VSG on 04/09/14

That's so wonderful!  What a great vacation!


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on 3/20/14 4:27 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

Thank you so much!  It was great to feel "normal"  I know I have a long way to go, but I feel awesome!

Toni Dallison

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil. 4:13

Tracy D.
on 3/20/14 5:22 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

Awww, Toni - all those are GREAT NSVs!  When I flew in February I was mega-excited to be able to fold the table down and not have it touch my gut.  On most trips I just got used to not using it at all.  Oh happy day :-)  

I'm chuckling over the marriage proposal

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