An ooey gooey yummy chocolatey treat :-)

on 7/9/14 7:47 am - Canada

Thought I would share.

Put this together on a whim the other day when I was craving something chocolate and sweet. I have to say that the PB2 peanut butters have been a godsend for me.

For those where sweets..even on the lighter side can trigger other cravings..good idea to be careful with this little concoction. If you are able to handle it..a good treat to have :-) especially around TOM.

1/2 low carb Mama Lupes tortilla- 30 cal 1.5carbs 2.5protein

1 TBSP chocolate PB2 22.5cal 2.5g carbs 2g protein

1 tsp low cal/ fat margarine 17.5 calories 

Spread the peanut butter and the marg on the tortilla..fold tortilla..can microwave 5 seconds if you want.

You now have some ooey gooey chocolate goodness!

Enjoy :-)


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