on 11/3/14 10:20 am - North York, Canada

when did you star to drink? It is my birthday next week and I was hoping to have a glass of wine.... I am 3 months out. Is it too soon?

on 11/3/14 10:31 am
VSG on 08/26/14

I'm a bit over 2mos out & had my birthday Sunday. I had a Washington Apple on the rocks & an Irish Coffee minus the whipped cream...I lived & haven't turned to booze!! 

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Gwen M.
on 11/3/14 10:37 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Ask your surgeon.  My plan says no alcohol for a year.  Many here have said you can start drinking when you want to stop losing weight.  Many others have said that they have addiction problems with alcohol.  

Stick to non-caloric and non-addicting liquids, you'll be better off in the long run.

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Amy M.
on 11/3/14 8:30 pm - Grand Island, NY
VSG on 07/30/14

I am 3 months out. I have a drink every now and then and it didn't affect my weight loss at all. I buy the "skinny girl" products and mix with crystal light. 


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Tracy D.
on 11/3/14 11:26 pm - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

I would tell you that "yes", it's too soon.  I had 1/2 a glass of champagne when I hit goal at 7-1/2 months and it made me completely woozy.  It's empty, worthless calories and at 3 months out you shouldn't be putting anything in your mouth that isn't packed with protein or some other kind of nutrition.  

Celebrate your birthday with some other treat that has nothing to do with alcohol or food.  

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