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VSG on 06/16/15

How does everyone monitor the carbs? How many carbs is too much per item or how much total carbs per day?

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VSG on 11/03/14

I use MyFitnessPal and weigh and measure everything that goes in my mouth. I eat between 30-50g of carbs per day. My goal is 30 though.

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I log everything I eat! I used my fitness pal for this. I count my protein and carbs and that is it. What does your Nutritionist suggest for your carb count? I'm 8 months post op and my carb count is around 60.

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I never controlled carbs, though they were recorded like everything else. "Too much" is relative to the nutrition provided - the carbs in a Twinkie are too much, whatever they may be, as there is no real nutritional value there, but the carbs in broccoli or even a potato are fine as there is viable nutrition in those foods, particularly in relation to their caloric impact (potatoes are about the most potassium rich real food there is relative to calories, and we don't get much of it from our supplements.) Total carbs for the day, I ran in the 70-100 range early out during the loss phase, and more on the order of100-120 later on when I strategically added some additional complex carbs to promote better workout endurance.

Overall. if one pays attention to their protein and caloric goals, one can't go too far off on carbs or fats by simply ignoring them. Think of carbs as being pretty much the same as fats during the last low fat fad, and you are pretty close to the mark.

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Tracy D.
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VSG on 05/24/13

I've used My Fitness Pal since I was 2 weeks post-op.  Based on the successful sleeve vets on this page, I set my maximum carb level at 40 grams per day during weight-loss mode.  There were occasional days when it slipped a few grams higher but never over 50.  

That guideline served me well!  I always entered my planned food the night before so I was certain that I would be getting enough protein and the right amount of carbs for the next day.  Putting everything in at the end of the day and "hoping" it meets my guidelines would never work for me.  At more than 2 years out I still enter my food the night before.  

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I think the number of carbs is different for different people.  I am very sensitive to carbs, so I kept my carb count below 25 g/day during weight loss.  But some people can eat more carbs without triggering the carb cravings.  So I'd suggest recording the carbs you eat and if you find the carb cravings start, you know you've had too many.

For me, I didn't add carbs into my diet until I was in maintenance, and I'm still diligent about limiting them.  I'll eat sweet potatoes, winter squash, and cashews, and wheat thins, but I save bread, pasta, potatoes and sweets for special occasions only. 

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Mary Gee
on 7/2/15 6:16 pm - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

For me, it's 65 grams of protein, at least; under 800 calories; under 40 carbs.

I've used myfitnesspal, and loseit, and caloriecounter ------- they all track all of the above.


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VSG on 03/31/15

I use MyFitnessPal to track my food, and so far I've been between 20-30g carbohydrates a day, all from dairy and vegetables. 

J Connel
on 7/3/15 6:50 am
VSG on 04/13/15

I keep carbs under 30. I am typically the first to embrace technology but have found I prefer an old fashioned method - writing everything down. I use logs provided my surgeon's office and have keep detailed notes in everything since my supervised weight loss phase. I'm on book/week #40.

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