Whatcha Eating Today, VSGers? Monday 10/8/18

on 10/8/18 3:07 am
VSG on 01/12/17

Good morning all and I hope the start of your week turns out to be a great one! I am eager for this to be my last day of work. Once this shift ends I will head down a couple of floors and get my flu shot, and then trek home in the rain. I let a co-worker borrow my umbrella the other night because she has to walk to the bus and wait in the rain and walk home and I just have to walk to my car. However it has been a torrential down pour since that night! We have some flooding going on in the area and I cannot believe the amount of rain we are getting. Still, I am glad she has one to use. While it sucks to have to walk to my car in it, it still beats having to walk all the way to the uncovered bus stop and wait for it, then walk home. I can imagine how miserable that would be.

QOTD: Are you all in fall mode yet? What "cozy" fall trends, or rituals do you partake in? Me, I love sweater weather! Fluffy sweaters, fleece leggings, and wooly socks.

Accountability: Pizza was ordered in because the night was insane. 4 or 5 gun shot victims wheeled in, packed unit tonight, and all techs pulled into one on one observations for a rash of suicide attempt patients. I made it fit calorie wise into my menu, but it was cold and gross and not worth the 300 calorie slice. If it was hot, that would be another story, but bleh cold and a few hours old.

Breakfast - Half a bagel, cream cheese, Chobani plain

Lunch - Rest of my rotisserie chicken stir fried with fajita veggies and home made salsa

Dinner - I am cooking ribs, please say a prayer for the ribs since I have never prepared ribs before. I hope I don't ruin them!

Snacks - Premier protein drink, roasted broad beans

E - Gym treadmill cardio, rowing machine, battle ropes (which I recently learned the name of. I was calling them rope slaps)

Surgery January 17, 2017

5'8, female

HW 485, SW 471, GW 160, CW 143-146

on 10/8/18 3:54 am
VSG on 05/18/17

18 Months Post-op, I think I am finished for the day but if I have anything later this evening it will probably be an egg to up my protein.

Breakfast (142 calories) - 1 Egg, 1 slice swiss cheese

Mid-morning snack (97 calories) - Yopro Lemon yoghurt

Lunch- Salad (180 calories) (lettuce, spinach, cherry tomato, cucumber, 60g avocado, ranch dressing)

Mid-afternoon snack - (140 calories) Snow peas, 1 sesame wheat, mini protein bite

Dinner - (219 calories) Pumpkin, ricotta and pine nut quiche

Exercise - (about 400 calories) F45 circuit class


Calories - 778

Carbs - total 46 net 35

Protein - 48

Fat - 42

on 10/8/18 4:44 am - Woburn, MA

Good morning, Mersh and all. We have psychotic weather here in New England. One day it's hot (yesterday) and today it's cold and drizzly and tomorrow is going to be hot again. We had a great last weekend camping - cool and sunny. It was nice to listen to the waves crashing and feel the sun on my face.

QOTD: I'm in a sweater today and it feels comfy and good!

B: cheerios

L: salad from salad bar and some protein

D: Defrosted a strip steak yesterday and didn't eat it. So hopefully tonight with some veg

E: walk

L/V: working on it.

     VSG on 04/28/2014 

on 10/8/18 8:07 am
VSG on 01/12/17

It's been like that the last couple weeks, from hot to cold. I wi**** would pick one (preferably cold)! My sinuses can't keep up.

Surgery January 17, 2017

5'8, female

HW 485, SW 471, GW 160, CW 143-146

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 10/8/18 4:48 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

It sounds like you need a rest (from work and the weather)! It's funny how sometimes a food you used to crave just isn't worth the calories isn't it? I've had the toppings of pizza a couple of times but only if it is warm and worth it.

We are going on a sailboat charter today arranged by my stepdaughter for DH's birthday and Christmas. It may be cool but at least no rain is predicted.

QOTD: Fall has only been here sporadically- cool one day, then warm the next. I do like sweaters and love boots. I really only have a month of fall before Florida so I need to wear them as much as possible.

2.5 Years post-op (maintaining below goal for 22 months)

Always lots of coffee...

B: eggs, cottage cheese and Canadian bacon

L: Cheese sticks??? (Will be on Martha's Vineyard for the sail)

D: No idea right now!

S: homemade cottage cheese with torani syrup

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 (BMI 38.8) SW: 185 GW: 125 CW: 115-118 (BMI 20.4-20.9) - TT and facelift 1/11/2017 - Brow and eyelid PS 12/11/2017.

WL: Pre-op: -34 M1: -17 M2: -12 M3: -11 M4: -7 M5: -7 M6: -5.5 M7: -3.3 M8: -3.3 M9: -2.5 UNDER GOAL since 10/12/2016 - in current range since 12/10/2016. Average maintenance calories 1350

on 10/8/18 8:09 am
VSG on 01/12/17

Every once in awhile I have had a pizza craving, every time I have a piece to fill it I'm vastly disappointed. Maybe because a lot of those things are out of our system for so long before we try them in maintenance.

A sailboat charter sounds like a lot of fun, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Surgery January 17, 2017

5'8, female

HW 485, SW 471, GW 160, CW 143-146

on 10/8/18 6:58 am

Happy Monday everyone!!

QOTD: It's started to cool off this week and I've been in nesting mode at home for the fall. Lots of blankets, pillows, Halloween décor and all the fall candles I can find. Wearing my favorite work sweater today and washed a bunch of fall jackets this weekend to prepare. It's going to get very cold this weekend but we're going to go hiking in the hills to see the gorgeous fall foliage.

I've almost lost 100 pounds and am really pushing to get there ASAP so I've gotten more strict with my meal planning.

B: Coffee

S1: Simple scramble

L: Cajun sausage and shrimp

S2: Almond butter with almond crackers

D: Egg and sausage puffs

on 10/8/18 8:11 am
VSG on 01/12/17

That hike sounds like it will be beautiful. Bundle up and enjoy it and congratulations on 100 lbs lost so far!

Surgery January 17, 2017

5'8, female

HW 485, SW 471, GW 160, CW 143-146

on 10/8/18 9:26 am

Thanks! I just hit 6 months, so I'm super excited and motivated.

on 10/8/18 7:06 am
VSG on 08/11/14

Good morning,

I finally heard from my friend last night. She is still across the state. The VA doctor gave her some different medication and caused her to be really sleepy and confused. Also she couldn't find her charging cord for her phone until yesterday. Now she waiting for a bed in another city for rehab that is closer to home.

Qotd I really haven't changed my summer clothes to fall and winter yet. I do enjoy wearing sweaters. I have used my fleece jacket a few times. But for the next 3 days it's going to be in the 80's then it's going to cool off big time.

B ham and cheese omelette, string cheese and English muffin

L tuna, cottage cheese and honeycrisp apple

D not sure yet if I'm going to support group tonight.

Have a good day