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Happy Friday ya'll!!

Even though I'm working all weekend, I'm still excited for the weekends. They're slower at work and I can get caught up on all of my "busy work." Plus... my boss is out of the office today, and the weekend... party.

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Happy Friday! I've been poking around for a few hours and thought I'd go ahead and add a post for today.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a fabulous weekend. I scheduled pictures for DH an I. After 11 years, we only have photos from our

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Yesterday was my 6 month surgiversary. If I could do it all over again I still would. I have zero complaints and have had a gold star experience. No vomiting, extremely limited nausea (like 2 Zofran the entire time) no pain meds post op.

I do w

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I generally buy premixed shakes, either GNC Leanshake or Premier but after drinking one every day for a while, I just get bored.

Out of curiosity, what's YOUR favorite protein concoction? Do you do anything else to dress them up?

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For the last few weeks I've mostly made my fluid goals of 64oz, but there have been several days I was under by about 15 ounces and yesterday I only made it to about half way.

I woke up with my legs cramping and a super dry mouth. I k

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Delete Reply What about unjury's chicken broth protein? Also,...

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