Ankle Replacement Anyone??

on 12/23/18 8:59 am
VSG on 12/08/14

I have had severe arthritis in my ankle for about ten years. I have done ankle exercises, walking and stretching exercises for it. I have had ankle wraps and even wore a boot to support my foot. I have had shots in my ankle at least every six months. The last time I had shots, the pain came back within two months. I take tylenol for arthritis twice a day. Yesterday, I stayed on my feet all day and today I am suffering with this ankle. I am keeping ice on it several times a day, staying off my feet today. I am so tired of this ankle drama! lol I want to be able to walk all day without paying for it the next day. (I am 61 years old.) Has anyone out there had an ankle replacement? This is my last resort and I am scared of doing it! I haven't talked to my doctor yet about it, going after Christmas to get a couple of shots in it. Can anyone tell me about the effects of having an ankle replacement? Thanks in advance!

on 12/24/18 4:00 am


My husband had a couple ankle FUSIONS, but they were unsuccessful. He also had severe arthritis, but his bigger problem was he had torn muscle & ligaments from his career as a tree climber. The ankle actually became floppy & he walked on the side of his foot.

I believe the surgeries didn't work bc of how bad the ankle was as well as being so overridden by arthritis.

My suggestion would be to do as much research as possible, get 2nd & 3rd opinions & go to an orthopedic who specializes in ankles...not knees, hips, etc. at a center who only does orthopedic surgeries.

While your case may not be as severe as my husband's a botched surgery will only cause even greater pain and walking impairment!

Best of luck!



on 12/24/18 7:35 am
VSG on 12/08/14

Thank you for responding. I am so sorry your husband's surgery did not work. Just curious, did the doctor know your husband had torn muscles and ligaments before doing the fusion? Can he have a total ankle replacement or is that the same procedure as a fusion? Thank you again. I will do lots of research. I kept ice on it all day with my ankle elevated and took several tylenoyl for arthritis pills. I can walk today but I know I can't stay on my feet for a long period of time.

on 12/27/18 2:25 pm

Hi again....sorry for late reply...holidays....

Yes, the doctor knew he had severe damage from MRIs, butif I recall correctly they said you still need to get in there to see the full extent of the damage.

Unfortunately he was unable to have a replacement as the bone became seriously infected after the surgery. (Think the infection was called ostymenosis although my spelling is off!) He was in danger of the infection spreading plus the pain was off the charts.

They had to do a below the knee amputation to save the rest of his leg...

The surgery did NOT cause the infection so you would not run that risk. His ankle was just too far gone by the time surgery took place. Although I think he would have ended up with the amputation regardless I think it is wise to do your due diligence beforehand. I wish he had never gone thru the fusion bc it just seemed to expedite the need for his amputation, and his recovery was frustrating in part bc we knew it hadn't worked.

So I feel your pain...he was so ready to try anything to get rid of the pain and inability to walk normally. Just be careful in your research!



on 12/28/18 7:50 am
VSG on 09/18/19

Allbygrace, I have had an ankle replacement. I broke my right ankle in march 2003 had pins/screws and a plate up my leg. By 2007 I was in the same type of pain you talk about. I looked into ankle replacement here in Arizona which is were I live. Found a board certified doctor who does ankle replacements. I got it replaced in Aug 2008. I will tell you it took a good 9 months for it to feel normal. I will also tell you I would do it all over again as my right ankle is much stronger then my old left one. My doctor was wonderful and very understanding and kind. The new ankle replacement are so far advanced now too. Good Luck and just know it will take awhile to feel normal but it will be worth it.