Aloha, it's been a long time but I'm back!

Lamont Pippins, RN,

on 4/6/21 12:21 am - Honolulu, HI

I just am so happy this website is still up and helping so many people both pre and post operative in this VSG forum. I have been looking for my surgeon Dr. Paul Cirangle, MD for the past year. He performed my VSG in 2006. The last time I actually spoke with him was last year and afterwards no sign of him period. I moved and misplaced his post-op instructions especially the diet information. If any of you are his patient and have a copy of those documents would you kindly share them with me.

I ask this because I have put on ~25=30% excess body weight after I became ill multi-organ failure from an infection (community acquired pneumonia.) I'm better now I rejoined 24 hour fitness just waiting for the face cradle to place under my mask to breathe as needed when I work out.

I did what I remember diet wise what I did concerning protein intake, low carbs, 2 quarts of water daily; however, I am not getting into a keto state and I know I need to exercise. In 2006 after the 13 month point I just kept loosing and I realized that I have a small to medium frame. My baby brother and I could wear the same size virtually and he is well fit.

This weight gain in different as I am older as result, I need some guidance from anyone in the forum. I have been encouraged to speak with Dr. Alvarez, MD and I see that he is very active and knowledgeable when is comes to the VSG procedure. As a RN I chose Dr. Cirangle, MD because his post-op complications where extremely low. I still don't experience hunger just head hunger at times. I have been looking at Bariatric Advantage's website especially their Keto-starter kits and the ingredients. I just purchased a exogenic powder from the Vitamin Shop and my protein from GNC thought I don't believe it's helping my body experience a keto state. the Keto powder it is the same as the Bariatric Advantage keto product so I am trying it including Isopure protein which was the drink The BHP exogenic powder I never used after my surgery of course supplements are not studied however, BHB is a compound made in our bodies I hope it will help me get in to a keto state.

If I am just complicating matters by not having exercise that I know I have to do even though I didn't after my surgery. Dr. Alvarez, MD recommended cardio activities, As for weight lifting and machines with weight I am considering a trainer so I can avoid hurting myself. However, trainers in these gyms are expensive though 24 hour fitness has a good rate of $303.00 for 4 sessions a week.

The issue for me is I am on a fixed income as I have not returned to nursing I mean I started nursing school at the age of 16 and became a practical nurse. Now I am a RN with a master's degree in nursing specializing in nursing education. I have been a nurse for 29 yrs. I'm still considering nurse anesthetist school also. Despite, the work I put into becoming an RN was an optimistic endeavor for me conversely, I now want to attend law school as another option I am interested in environmental law and Hawaii's law school is in the top 100 best law school at the University of Hawaii. But I need to do one thing at a time and right now it's getting my BMI back down. My fellow VSG partners I would love to hear your helpful words and encouragement. Please don't hesitate in writing me back including any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know as I am seriously in need for support.

Thank you,

Lamont K. Pippins, RN, MSN/ED, BSN

Lamont Kendel Pippins

on 4/6/21 1:36 pm

A-Lo-Ha!!! I wish I was a VSG'er to provide surgery specific support. So, I will chime in and say Best of Luck. You can do this!

I've seen Dr. Alvarez' posts so you may get a response. I have also seen member services chime in and ask if you need help finding a provider.

I know I am with you on getting back into the gym, but I am lacking motivation, honestly. I think being at home for the last year has turned me into a couch potato. Trying to do things to get my body moving but I know a lot of it has to do with food choices and all I want is carbs.

I congratulate you on pursuing your passions! I look forward to seeing your success, going forward!

on 4/6/21 5:39 pm
RNY on 04/15/19

Hello Lamont! Great to see you back. You started a nursing career at the age of 16? I am so in awe of you. And now law school? I need half of your ambition and I would consider myself successful! I can soooooo relate to that head hunger! Hopefully you can reconnect with your surgeon somehow? Maybe the hospital where you had your surgery has some information on how you can find him?

Cathy H.
on 4/6/21 10:00 pm, edited 4/6/21 3:00 pm
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on 4/7/21 7:45 am

Welcome back! Personal trainers are so expensive. I don't know how anyone can afford $300 plus a week! Did your doctor have a partner at his practice or do you remember the name of the dietitian there? I was thinking that maybe you could locate a staff member or partner who could provide you with the diet plan and other information you might need. Good luck with everything!

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