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on 5/18/19 7:34 pm
VSG on 03/21/19
Topic: RE: Vitamins

I started after the 7 day mark with 2 chewable multivitamins and 3 chewable vitamin D3 with calcium as well as my two regular medications.

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on 5/18/19 4:32 am
RNY on 06/03/15
Topic: RE: Day 1 post op

People are all across the board on this, although most feel little to no pain. Pain or no pain, being really tired the first few weeks is very common, though. I napped A LOT the first week - and was pretty exhausted for probably the first month. It'll pass...

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on 5/18/19 4:30 am
RNY on 06/03/15
Topic: RE: Vitamins

I'm pretty sure I started up on them within the first week. I had to wait 2-3 weeks before taking ursodiol and those big calcium pills, though, since they were too big (I got some calcium chews, though, since they were easier - may have started up on those pretty quickly)

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

Plastic Surgery 08/10/18 and 03/29/19 by Lawrence Zachary (Chicago, IL)

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on 5/17/19 10:55 pm
VSG on 06/11/18
Topic: RE: Day 1 post op

I'm amazed at how much variation there is in how people feel after VSG. I suspect some of it has to do with the physical layout of your organs (how much poking around they have to do), whether or not they have to do other things like remove your gallbladder or fix a hernia, how attentive and skilled the pain management team is, and how your body reacts to anaesthesia and the stress of surgery. Sounds like you got unlucky with at least one of those factors. I'm so sorry, and I hope you're feeling a lot better today!

One strange thing was that I swear I could "feel" the hole inside where my stomach used to be. Not that it hurt, just that I could sense it. When I started researching surgery, I was surprised to learn how high up the stomach really is. Like a lot of people, I assumed the stomach was stomach was more in the belly, because that's where hunger, fullness, or nausea seemed to be located. But after surgery, I knew precisely where my stomach was! That keen awareness of it lasted about 8 or 9 months.

Even though my recovery went pretty smoothly, it did take a long time to get my strength back. I could handle grocery shopping after one week, and my desk job at one month post-op, but it was closer to 8 months before my energy levels were normal again. Of course, being 58 at the time may have been a factor, and the fact that I was sedentary before surgery.

on 5/17/19 10:39 pm
VSG on 06/11/18
Topic: RE: Vitamins

I started vitamins on day 3, but took only chewable or liquid vitamins for the first two months. I did take smaller pills (other meds) with my medical team's blessing starting at about 4-5 days post-op. (My medical team looked at how big the pills I planned to take were before giving me the OK.) But vitamin tablets are big, so I was wary of them until I was confident that my sleeve had healed.

on 5/17/19 5:48 pm
Topic: RE: Day after surgery


Thank you, it's encouraging to hear from "surgery newbies". I will say I was showered and up walking around the day after surgery. I spent a second night in the hospital due to some labs but came home yesterday. I am feeling tired but pretty darn good overall! I am struggling a bit to fit in all my liquids today but tomorrow will be better I'm sure. Take care!

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on 5/17/19 12:23 pm
Topic: RE: Vitamins

I think I was told to wait two weeks, just to be sure they did not cause any nausea right after surgery.

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on 5/17/19 11:52 am
Topic: Vitamins

I have women's one a day tablets and I also have Centrum chewable tablets. I'm 3 days post op from vsg and on a clear liquid diet. How soon did y'all start taking your vitamins post op? Fortunately I'm not really having any problems with nausea yet. Just curious...

on 5/17/19 11:17 am, edited 5/17/19 4:17 am
Topic: RE: Tell me it gets better

I use vegan protein powder and unsweetened almond milk. I blend it together and I like it much better than premade protein drinks. I don?t get that chemical taste but I do hate the grittiness of it. I can say after getting on soft foods I will NEVER EVER eat processed canned food or drink protein drinks again (unless I need to). Right now I am just drinking my water, protein drink and going to try tea tonight. Yogurt is okay but I hate the aftertaste.

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 5/17/19 10:12 am
VSG on 12/10/13
Topic: RE: Tell me it gets better

How are you making your own protein drinks? What ingredients are you using? Very curious how you're making it work :)

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