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VSG on 01/21/19
Topic: RE: I'm Approved - January 2019!!!!

January 21 for me and my hubby!!!! Excited for you!!!

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VSG on 01/21/19
Topic: RE: Milk causes nausea

Sweet baby Jesus dont take my milk from me.....Amen.

on 12/12/18 8:23 pm - CA
Topic: RE: Milk causes nausea

People can have all kinds of different sensitivities to different foods for various reasons. About the worst thing that we can do is to avoid something simply because so and so is allergic or sensitive to that food - we wind up not eating anything. The general case is what we need to concentrate on in the absence of specific information any morbidities or problems that a poster may have; we may speculate that "if you have this, then do or don't do that" but otherwise, the general human case should be the default. Most of us here know of your RH problems, which is why many have chosen the VSG or DS to allow a wider and more normal diet.

My nephew is extremely sensitive to dairy (along with a few other things), including butter and eggs - this is no reason to tell others to avoid those foods unless they show signs of similar sensitivities (though it did stimulate him to pursue becoming an RD to help others deal with their dietary problems.) In the case of the OP, some elimination trials may be in order to narrow down the problem if it doesn't resolve on its own in a couple of months.

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VSG on 01/12/17
Topic: RE: Whatcha Eating Today VSGers? Tuesdays, 12/11/2018

There are days where I feel like diving fingers first into the jar!

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on 12/12/18 6:23 pm
Topic: RE: Milk causes nausea

Theory on the intrinsc sugar is really nice. Except is just theory my body just laughs at. Sugar is sugar.

Different sugars affect BS of people differently. Some people can be more sensitive to slmr nstursl sugsrs.

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VSG on 04/30/14
Topic: RE: Need Advice: Food out of control while caring for Mom with terminal cancer

Hello All,

I am popping my head up to let you all know that I appreciate your words of advice and encouragement.

It has been a hellish few months. My Mom passed very quickly, on October 16, just a little over a month after my original post. It was fast, painful and swept the rug out from under me. While I was fully committed to helping her stay at home as long as possible it took a toll on me. Aside from scheduled pain meds every 4 hrs I was often up many times thru the night giving breakthrough doses while we tried different meds and dosages. We eventually moved to subcu fluids and pain meds which i managed but that only lasted for a wee****il she went downhill, ended up in the hospital due to shortness of breath and passed 5 short days later. Total time from diagnosis was 2.5 months.

I am undone. My brother, instead of being a support said horrible things to me during mom's illness, while she was in the hospital (I was in charge of her personal directive) and in the times after. Even accused me of stealing from her home when he wasn't there (he inherited the house/belongings in a very fair arrangement Mom made years ago, but I stayed there during her illness and in the week after the funeral). Things said that cannot be unsaid and I've had to divorce him from my life. Stuff you can't overlook because he's 'family'. If he was a friend I'd have stopped being friends and if he was the husband of a friend I'd have suggested divorce. So, in a short time I've lost my Mom in a very fast and painful way, my brother after many attempts to forgive but no longer can, and any connection to her via that house. And less than two weeks ago my aunt (mom's sister) who promised to be my substitute Mom had a stroke and is now in the hospital 4 hrs away for the foreseeable future. Her daughter (my cousin) was my rock while I was up with Mom and now she's dealing with her own tragedy and caring for her Mom, who's future is still pretty scary and unceratain. It's just too much.

And I've fallen completely apart. Shortly before Mom's diagnosis in July I'd started the hormone patch to help with menopause issues and since July have gained 35 lbs, had to buy all new clothes, my blood pressure is through the roof, vyvanse not working, anxiety and the sads abound, and I can't find my way.

I wanted to do all the things the right way and be proactive on self-care but got lost in the pain and constant busyness of caring for a terminally ill person and then in the aftermath of her passing I go between complete numbness and emotional wreckage. went on a cruise last week with my cousin to try and boost my spirits (My hubby's idea, not mine) and that's when my aunt had the stroke.

I think I broke my sleeve and know I've lost my way. I'm seeing my family physician tomorrow because when I finally did take my BP today first time in monthsit was dangerously high. I need that addressed. probabaly want to stop the damn hormones, maybe Vyvanse, too. Just not sure what to do. And, can't see my surgeon because my surgery was covered by the province, not self pay and I was 'discharged' from the program after 1 year.

And Mom loved Christmas and since we've been besieged with it since the day after Halloween it's like a million paper cuts. It's just constant reminders. That's my story. I have no words of Joy or success or rocking my sleeve. I've become one of the people I swore I wouldn't. I swore I wouldn't wreck this gift but i have. So, yah.

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on 12/12/18 5:28 pm
VSG on 12/07/15
Topic: RE: 3 year post VSG--struggling

Thanks everyone! I am still here and am happy to say at the end of Day Three, I am doing very well. I am not a proponent of weighing in daily but I did get on the scale today and have lost 3 pounds so far.

Monday I tried to be mindful of what I ate, but I didn't log everything until the end of the day. Even though I didn't log as I ate, I still ended up with 1200 calories, 75 grams of protein and about 150 grams of carbs. That may seem super high, but compared to how I've been eating, that was amazing.

So starting yesterday, I worked off of Monday, as far as figuring out what to eat less of. Yesterday I was under 1000 calories and around 60 grams of carbs. Protein was over 70 grams. Today was actually 109 grams of protein.

I also walk my son to and from school 2-3 days a week. We walked yesterday and today, which works out to be 2.5 miles per day. I fell a couple weeks ago and my ankle is still tender so we're done walking for the week.

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I never heeded the not eating and drinking together rule. I started that this week too and it's not been too bad. I just have to be mindful of the time and make sure that I drink as much water in the right timeframe.

Thank you again for all of your support.

on 12/12/18 4:07 pm
Topic: RE: Had my first appointment today!

I had my first visit today too. A bit overwhelmed. Lots to do. I also got a booklet as well as a checklist of things to schedule (I see the dietitian 1/16) My surgeon said the process is about 3 months for my situation/insurance. It feels real now.

on 12/12/18 3:11 pm
VSG on 11/20/18
Topic: RE: Milk causes nausea

Thanks. I'll try again in a few months.

on 12/12/18 2:35 pm
Topic: RE: Had my first appointment today!

Great! That is what I figured, but was a little surprised he hadn't suggested any Chang. But reading the booklet, some might scare off. I have read enough, I knew what was coming, the two weeks before and the afterwards.

cheers, thanks for the info.

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