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on 1/2/11 10:46 am - MONTICELLO, MN
We are starting off the new year with a new addition to the LW Forum!  We are now on FACEBOOK!  This group was created to provide a chat forum for the members of the OH LW Forum.  If you would like to participate please read and then contact one of the admins to gain access!  If you don't have a facebook account we can help you create one!  If you don't WANT a facebook account but would like to join in the Chatting I suggest making an account using your OH aviname/username so you can remain annonymous!  Please join us!

Membership Basics

1. The LW FB group is SECRET! Ya gotta be invited by an administrator to see the group.  This is to protect our group members’ identities…. YOU CAN ALWAYS UN-FRIEND the group administrators (currently IRAYD8U, mythinme. kathymn, &  RaggetyAnn*until 03/11*) AFTER YOU ARE A MEMBER!

2. To join our LW FB group, you must send a group administrator a friend request (on Facebook) WITH a message identifying yourself with your OH avatar (on-line name).  This provides a measure of privacy of ALL of our members....remember some people are not "OUT" about their WLS!

3. Once you’ve joined the group, but before participating (posting), please read the FB group DOCUMENTS so you can help keep the group happy and healthy, in keeping with the Lightweight Creed.

4. The FB page is for group events that are in addition to, not in place of, our wonderful OH forum. Let’s continue to have conversations on this forum, in CHAT or in a Private IM.  Lightweights are the best forum on OH because we are SO ACTIVE! Please use the FB CHAT Wall to mention a topic for group discussions or to post problems you might have with FB.   To support that goal, an administrator will remove wall posts after about a day.

5. Do you have a topic you would like to lead a chat discussion about? If so please let us know what you would like to discuss and when you'd like to do it. An administrator will add the chat discussion to FB Events and FB will automatically notify all the FB group members! (Cool, huh?) Never led or participating in a FB chat discussion before? Read the info below for details…..

FB Chat Discussion Info
You can set a minimum number of attendees if you like so you know if it is worth the time you will be putting into it.
Members PLEASE RSVP to events so the person leading the chat doesn't waste their time sitting around waiting for chatters when they could be on the treadmill drinking a protein shake instead! :D

Thanks for reading this and joining in on the FB Chat group!

Chat Group Administrators:

kathymn - pm on OH
RaggetyAnn / Tracey P Q - search FB for Tracey P Q
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on 1/2/11 2:37 pm
Hey LightWeights!

This is really cool!

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