I'm back and looking for revision surgery with 80lbs to lose

on 12/27/15 2:07 am

It's such a big number and I'm so disappointed I've gotten to this point again. I didn't eat unhealthy for christmas and I still put on two pounds in the past in the past month. A short hosptial stay...well two weeks was enough to fatten me up some more. I am so hungry all the time and it's not thirst as I'm drinking plenty. I am so disappointed in my surgery and in myself. Everyone suggests the DS since I have already had the sleve but I want RYN. My husband is going with me to an information session on the fourth and I PRAY that my insurance (medicare) will cover a revision. He's going to doctors with me to get surgery himself. he wants Ryn too,He has about 200 lbs to lose and I have 80. It seems so overwhelming. I have no faith that a revision will work as my first surgery bombed. Ugh. I didnt' have the after care after my surgery because I lost my car but now I  have medical transportation through my insurance. I don't think back to basics will work for me because i had sleeve surgery so I don't know what else to do.


Roz !!!!
on 12/27/15 4:56 am, edited 12/28/15 3:24 am - Butler, PA

Welcome Back!!!!!  I've known quite a few who gained back after the sleeve.  My RNY still HELPS me to control what I eat after 7 years.  I think a lot has to do with how you treat it during the early stages.  I really followed the rules of eating small bites, limiting my sugar, no carbonation and not drinking with or right before/after meals.  Anyone can eat around any surgery. 

Have you looked into the DS.  I think it's an easier Revision for the sleeve (ask Major Mom if you have questions).

I would think that 50 lb's would come off fairly quickly with what ever surgery you choose.  Good Luck and keep us updated!!!


God is walking with me every step of the way. Because of HIM this is possible!!

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Price S.
on 12/27/15 4:57 am - Mills River, NC

I'm so sorry this has been a difficult journey for you.  Hopefully this time you will have the support, medical and family you need to be successful.  I would also highly suggest finding an overeaters group so you have the mental support you need.  Surgery is only on your tummy.  We all need help in many other areas.

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on 12/26/15 9:30 pm - Meriden, CT
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I also had the sleeve and never really lost much weight and I followed all the rules. I'm currently going thru the process myself for revision to rny. When they did my upper GI they found my sleeve was left much too large and I didn't have any restriction. I'm a little nervous about the procedure read some horror stories but still believe I will be fine. I'm excited to hopefully have a surgery that I can work with. My new Dr. said I was a perfect candidate because I'm already eating properly so hopefully this time I will be a success story! I haven't looked into DS because there are no Drs in Ct that perform it.


Roz !!!!
on 12/28/15 11:27 am - Butler, PA

Sounds like you have done your homework and ready to move on.  Keep us updated!


God is walking with me every step of the way. Because of HIM this is possible!!

RNY 10/15/2008 9+ Years!!!
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