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on 5/29/18 3:59 pm
VSG on 05/23/18

so last Wednesday, 5 minutes before I was to leave for the hospital, I got a call cancelling my surgery. My surgeon was sick. I have been rescheduled for July 16,2018-not too far away. I was so disappointed but after I thought about it for a bit, I wasn't . Who wants a sick surgeon? I am still the same person, I am still on the same path, I have been eating well and developed some good habits. In the fullness that is my life, this is a blip, it is nothing , in a couple of months, it will be forgotten . Fortunately, I was able to call my boss and work that same day. I am truly blessed to continue to move forward with my life. Besides, I have already done all my pre surgery worrying!!!

on 5/30/18 5:19 pm - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17

thats a great attitude! I doubt I would have been that positive.

Good for you, and you are right it being a 'blip'. Its amazing things that seemed so big to me during the process are now long gone, distant memories.

Surgery Jun.2/17 at TWH ----- HW 215 - SW 197.2 - GW 125 CW 124.6

Pre-Op=8.8lbs --- Optifast= 8.4 (was on it for 9 days due to cancellation)

M1 - 20.6... M2 -10.2... M3 -8.0... M4 -5.8... M5 -9.0... M6 -5.2... M7 -7.0... M8 -2.2... M9 -0.9... M10 -2.6... M11-0.6... M12-2.0

on 6/3/18 11:27 am

Hi there I am curious to know as a lightweight , what surgery did you opt for and why? I am looking for some guidance. I have had the Realize band and was 216 at my highest weight in 2011. Now I am 193 and have managed to keep the weight off but never got down lower than 178 lbs . I am thinking of getting the sleeve but I am trying to keep an open mind to the RNY because I want to be successful and maintain weight loss. I guess I really have some bias against getting the RNY but I know it works.. I guess I am scared I will lose too much weight with that procedure. Any thoughts?

on 6/4/18 10:13 pm
VSG on 05/23/18

My primary care physician suggested the bypass but as I researched it, I thought it was too daunting and really questioned having wls. I continued down my path and with lots of additional reading and the help of this forum, when I talked to the surgeon, we decided together that VSG was my best option. I gained my weight in the last 16 years, slowly but steadily up to about 235 and over the last year have lost about 15 pounds. I believe with the tool of VSG I should get down to the 150-165 range, the weight I was for most of my adult life, I am going to be 59 soon. I did not commit to surgery right away, but met with my team and came to know and trust them and their belief in me really helped me come to my decision. My surgery is being paid for by my provincial health insurance, I consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity to get healthy again. Wls never crossed my mind until my pcp suggested it.

on 6/26/18 11:24 am

If you're revising from a band, I'd seriously consider RNY as VSG often results in long term GERD/acid reflux, especially for people with pre-existing GERD. Because of this, there are many examples of banders getting 3 weight loss surgeries (Band->VSG->RNY).

Food for thought: Your insurance may only pay for 1 revision surgery so if you go with VSG and then need an RNY later, you may end up having to self-pay for the final surgery.

on 6/26/18 2:59 pm
VSG on 05/23/18

No, this is my first WLS and I hope my only one. Less than 3 weeks until surgery!

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