Eating 6 times a day without losing control?

on 8/21/18 12:36 pm

I met with the dietitian a couple of days ago and she has outlined a plan that has me eating 6 times a day, I'm afraid that i will lose control eating that often. I feel like i am constantly thinking about food and what i need to eat next. Anyone have advice to help keep me on track?

on 8/23/18 7:31 pm

Hi there, I am in the early stages of my journey. I have met with the Nurse, social worker and the dietician. I too must follow eating 6 times a day. I am not used to this either. I usually eat 3 good meals but the dietician stressed out during orientation 3 meals and 3 snacks, I had to change my mindset. By the time I had my first meeting with the dietician I had 3 week journal. I followed the Canada food guide and food labels. This was hard. She was pleased. I too was afraid to lose control. If you use a food journal, this will help you be aware of what you are having and how much. Keep busy with something, and clean out the fridge and purchase healthy foods so you don't over eat..........GOOD LUCKð?'©

Roz !!!!
on 10/1/18 4:19 pm - Butler, PA

I'm going to be 10 years out and I still graze all day long. I try to stick to Protein and very low "bad" carbs. It works for me. If I get hungry then that's when I make bad decisions.


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