Journey stopped before even getting started ?

on 8/23/18 7:39 am

So at a follow up appointment today I've just been told I no longer qualify for the surgery. My BMI has gone below the 35% benchmark. I'm so upset I'm just crying non-stop. I've done everything they've ask hence the weightloss bringing me below the mark. I know I can lose the weight but I also know without the tool of surgery I wont keep it off, it's been a lifelong battle for me. I don't want to go backwards and put the weight back on but that's basically what I would need to do. I'd need to regain 20lbs.

Starting Weight 240. CW 228. GW 175. UGW 160

Referral June/18 Orientation: July 27/18, Bloodwork follow up: Aug 9/18, Dietitian: Aug 16/18

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