Fill #2

Mar 11, 2010

Well I had my 2nd fill yesterday, I needed it, I haven't felt restriction since surgery (Dec 14th) and I'm not losing ANYTHING... I got a treadmill from my mom who just got a new one, and I've been doing every other day for 10 minutes. Really give me a workout since I'm not used to all that walking.  Kinda hurts the leg but it's worth the pain!! Anyways...back to the fill..... the P.A. doing it said it was written that I had 5cc's in my 14cc band, come to find out I had 6cc. So she added another 2, making it 8cc in total. I'm not sure yet if I notice a difference or not.... last night I had some mashed potatoes for supper.  And liquids are going just fine..... Sure hoping I get some good restriction this fill or I will be back in 2 weeks for another fill! :) I'm down 100lbs..... And I can't wait for its to start coming off again...I'm at a stand still once again!! :(


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