Well this sucks...

Oct 25, 2019

I finally had to bite the bullet and have foot surgery.  (My third surgery in the last six months) I'd been fighting the need for surgery for my plantar fasciitis for a while now and none of the usuall devices, physical therapy or shots were working.  So anyway, I get to the hospital yesterday and i'm starting to wonder if I really need the surgery since (for once) my foot was feeling pretty decent.  I had visions of getting on the table and the doctor opens me up and thinks "I don't know why we're even doing this.  She looks fine." But that's not what happened.  Apparently I had so much scar tissue that none of the usual methods I'd tried were going to work.  She needed to make extra incisions to see just how bad the damage was.  Long story short I'm back and now starting the healing process.  I'm not in any pain meds because I can't take NSAIDs and apparently thanks to some recently discovered liver disease I can't take Tylenot either.  So i'm kind of gimping around trying hard not to take the oxycodone that they docter prescribed because I'm scared to death of getting addicted to it.  Anyone else having issues like this.  I need to know I'm not alone in this weirdness called life after weightloss surgery. 

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