25 lbs down after 2.5 wks

Jan 09, 2016

I'm 2 1/2 wks post op and have lost 25 lbs. you can see it in may face but that's about it.  I feel constantly bloated and gassy so my pants are still tight.  Can't wait for that to go away!

I am scared, though, because I still have a sweet tooth. I expected it to go away, at least for a while!

I don't want to tach myself to rely on artificial sweeteners, because there's tons of evifdence that artificial sweeteners make it even harder to lose weight. I'd rather be able to a small amount of date purée, or agave, or something natural, but am afraid those will make me dump (especially at this early stage).

I'm only able to eat about 200-300 calories a day right now. Also I am not getting exercise because the pneumonia I caught in the hospital has me pretty much home bound and sleeping a lot. 


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