Back on Track

Mar 02, 2009

I went up as high as 222, and now I am back to 216 this morning.  I spend around 12 hours a day on my feet at the store, and have been playing hockey at least twice a week.  My food is much less than before, and not nearly as much junk... so why aren't I losing more?  I know I have to increase my water intake... which is bizarre for me.. because I used to drink 12-16 glasses a day. lol, Now I am down to like 3 glasses.  Just not that thirsty in the winter.  I haven't seen the gym, because I have been working so much getting the store ready.  My legs are constantly killing me from standing all day.  I have Meralgia Paresthetica, which basically means pinched nerves in my hips that make my legs numb.  That isn't so bad (minus the bruises, because I dont feel myself bumping them) But when you stand too long they go numb, like the "sat on your foot too long" tingle feeling.  OUCHIE!  And it doesnt go away for hours.

Anyway, so I am going to get back to the gym this week, it won't be today due to having school tonight, and tomorrow is hockey practice, so Thursday will be the day.  I think I will start working out M/TH/F/S/S Since I have school on Tues and hockey on Weds.  For the days I have hockey on Sunday, I wont go to the gym that day.

I am aiming for 199 by my birthday.  (May 6th, send gift cards) lol  That gives me 9 weeks from today to lose 17 lbs.  Roughly 2 lbs a week.  I think that is doable.  I just need to up my water and down my Taco Bell. lol

I fit into a size 16 Talbots Pants lol and a 14/16 Lane Bryant Top yesterday.. that made me very happy.  But I know in a regular (non plus size) store I am still a 18. lol  I am working at it...

So my official weigh in day will be Tuesdays.  Today was 216.  Til next week!


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