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Jun 26, 2014

My weight loss has been really good for going into my 10th year with my band. I am at -140lbs, lowest weight has been -150. My health over the last ten years has been for shit. First of all there was the thyroid cancer 7 years ago, most of you know about that. Then I found out two years ago that it came back and I had to had radiation this past year. Last year I also found out that I also have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's. Most of you have never heard of this disease. It is just as severe as Lupus, but not as common. It attacks your body every where you have liquids...eyes, mouth, brain, lungs, get the idea. You stop producing liquids and it's an autoimmune disease so your body is constantly attacking itself so you feel like crap NONSTOP kinda like the flu. Then this week I got more good news and I have to have an upper and lower colonoscopy because I am having an absorption issue that we found in my last set of blood work. And as we all know with the band we should not have absorption issues so now I get to do this wonderful test.

Other than the medical stuff the baby is now 6 and going into 1st grade. The big kids are now teenagers. I have numerous friends that I graduated with that are now grandparents now - there is NO way I am old enough for that, lol.


Today I am Happy with myself.

Jan 07, 2009


A Daugter's Tic

Nov 02, 2008

This is the documentary that was made about my daughter Bailey.  She has Tourettes.   Let the movie buffer through once before watching it. The movie was made last year.

This is now.  She won a Hannah Montana "Look A Like" contest.  We straightened her hair and she got highlights - still regretting that, LOL.  She looks so old but, she's 9!!! 

DSC00537-1.jpg picture by LaraNicole

Prego Picture

Jan 25, 2008

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Baby Love

Oct 03, 2007

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from Chelle

Sep 24, 2007

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LapBand Badges for Everyone

Aug 21, 2007

Let me know if you need a badge.  Here are the ones I have made so far.  Let me know if you a different one and I will make it for you...

All paperwork turned into Insurance
Approved by Insurance
Home from Sugery
1st  PB
-25 Pounds
-50 Pounds
-55 Pounds
-70 Pounds
-75 Pounnds
-100 Pounds
-125 Pounds
-150 Pounds
-200 Pounds

Here is a badge example...

75PoundsBadge.gif picture by LaraNicole

Mel, MariVonne, LaraNicole, Chelle, Devrah at Dinner

Jul 25, 2007

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Hi There

Jul 13, 2007


Nifty tool to help determine how long to get to goal

May 29, 2007

Use this to determine how long it will take to reach your goal.  it uses your BMR info to get there.  Pretty nifty tool!

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A Daugter's Tic
Prego Picture
Baby Love
from Chelle
LapBand Badges for Everyone
Mel, MariVonne, LaraNicole, Chelle, Devrah at Dinner
Hi There
Nifty tool to help determine how long to get to goal