YAY Restriction is back!!!

Mar 08, 2012

Okay, so last night I stopped at Convenience store for a Muscle Milk. Just too tired to make my own. But it has 25g protein ande only 5g of carbs so it's all good. Was drinking normal because the restriction had stopped a few days ago. After 1 large gulp I definitely felt it. So, YES, I am now back to sipping. My doctor recommended pureed stage of food and then in a week after surgery I was supposed to see him. That would'e been Wednesday, but the Great Puppy Adventure stole the show that day. It's a bummer that I can only see him on Wednesdays. Wish he was available more often.

Going to ask him next Wednesday why he didn't tell me he had a website or offer me the post-op menu BEFORE I went into surgery, so I could've planned properly and grocery shopped. The only things I have to eat in my fridge are sugar free jello, sugar free pudding, eggs to scramble (what a lifesaver they have been), and sugar free popsicles. Tried to find yogurt I liked that didn't have sugar. IMPOSSIBLE!

Anyway, going to try going back to work today for a full day. I still think my hormones are out of whack as I don't feel my usual bouncy self. Once I get back to work and am in charge of stuff and making satisfactory progress I'm sure that will change. I'm just so very blessed to be doing what I love But enough time off. My patients are starting to miss appointments without me there and my staff's morale is slipping a bit.

Not sure why I lost all restriction for those 2-3 days. No one really has reported having the same thing happen. But, it's over now and things are back to 'abnormal' LOL


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