Apparently I am doing better than I thought!

Mar 27, 2009

Today was my Dr appt.  I saw Erin the NP and Elaine the Dietitian.  It seems the last few times I have been beating myself up..I will lose in the week or so after my fill then immediately start gaining it back only to have to lose it again.  This has drove me crazy.  I did so good for so long..thus I am constantly trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.  Last time I thought it was because I ate too many soft proteins thus if I put my empasis on solids, I would be ok.  Within 10 days I went from 201 to 191.8 then gradually I found myself back up to 201-202.  ughhh!  Again!!  So I have been concentrating on lowering my carbs.  This worked for me because within the last couple wks, I have went back down and today I was at 192.5 (this morning...getting into the shower..for 2 seconds...I saw 189.6...I can't wait to see that fully clothed!)  I discussed this all with Erin & Elaine.  They think I am doing better than I think...but in lowering my carbs...I am not eating enough calories..thus I need to work on balancing it all.  BUT...their goal is for their patients to lose at least 75% of their excess weight...that would be 183.5 pounds. is only natural for my loss to be slow at this point.  I guess 147 is the "ideal" wt yet it doesn't take into account any muscle built, nor a larger frame, or excess skin etc.  So..anywhere between 147 and 183.5 would be good.  I am still thinking I will know when I get there.  They suggested I make my next appt in Evendale (Cinci) since my Bandiversary is May they can do a fluro and check my blood levels in approx 2 mths. 


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