Belated Bandiversary

May 13, 2009

Hi...I'm a little late writing but wanted to give an update.  Last Tuesday, I had to take a trip to Cincy for a .5 unfill.  I had sinusitis and the nasal drainage irritated my stomach causing me to swell. NP Lisa did a fluro before and we watched the contrast fluid hit the band and ricochet a little dance upward.  No wonder I was having problems. I also went to see my PCP.  I hadn't seen him for almost a yr.  So strange after seeing him so often during my 6 mth supervised diet. I felt so miserable yet he made me feel great.  It was so nice hearing how great I was doing. I am sure you know what I mean.  I hear compliments pretty often, but his was the OMG WOW kind. He ran my labs and called back on Monday and said  I was borderline low on iron, Vitamin D and folic acid...everything else was great. 
It has been such a crazy yr.  I've learned and experienced so much.  Had those thrilling moments of getting into size 14's, easily polishing my toe nails, crossing my legs, riding roller coasters, sitting comfortably in theater seats, etc.  The list could go on and on and on.  I have been able to hold off getting my knee replacement and I have been able to take care of my Mom for the last 6 mths.  I know there is no way I could have done it if I hadn't lost the weight.  I truly believe God knew what was coming my way and this was all part of his plan. Of course..I would have loved it if I could have lost more.  But I know there have been obstacles.  I can't go to the gym regularly while watching Mom but I also know I could have eaten better at times.  I am still slowly losing and feel so blessed at this time.  No regrets for me.  I am too excited thinking of all the new possibilities & experiences that are waiting for me during this coming yr.  First thing to look forward to..My niece is getting married on the beach in Myrtle Beach mid I hope to shed a few more pounds. Nothing like the beach to motivate me.
     What a great way to wrap up my yr....I attended Dr C's Red Carpet Event (Big Band Bash) last Friday.  It was so nice to see Dr C & his staff having fun out of the office.  Everything was, entertainment, door prizes but mostly seeing all the people enjoying themselves.  They really succeeded in making it a special evening for us.  My friend and I sat with Ohiogirl2009 and her cousin.  We had a wonderful time & took a few pics.. so I will post them to my profile as my "One yr" Pic.


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