Finding time

Jan 09, 2023

Last time I went through this process I was 21 and in college. Man, what a different world I live in 14 years later. 

My office- my dream job- is a dumpster fire lately. Not enough staff, too much transition, etc. I am constantly constantly telling clients, "I'm so sorry you're just seeing me now..." and it's wearing on me. 

My family is very demanding too. Three children under 5 years old is a lot. A husband who struggles with depression. Breastfeeding.


I'm proud of myself that I carved out enough time to jump through all the insurance hoops and get the surgery scheduled. My family (my parents) were not supportive and there was a lot of pushing for me to delay or cancel. I did not. It will be hard at work, and particularly hard on my docket partner, who is such a hard worker and an asset. But there's no perfect time to take off, and I pushed forward. I have a date: 1/24/23. 


But now come the practical questions: Can I start committing to exercising now? Can I find 30 minutes in my day to do that now? Is it worth not getting enough sleep if I can fit it in? Can I function on less sleep? To be clear, i get 7-8.5 hours a night. It's not a small amount. It's just when the sleep debt accumulates I can't usually get more. Too many demands early and late. 

Will I be able to resume this frantic pace? How long will I be before I feel okay enough to do the things I need to do for everyone that needs me? 

Based on prior experience, I think some things will get easier. Exercise is much easier when I'm a reasonable weight and I feel better. However long it takes to heal- well, everyone will just need to make do. And I will need to make decisions about things that I can realistically maintain while being a trial attorney, mom, and wife. 

Still working on making my needs and my health a priority, but I'm doing okay at it for now.



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