Mushies Ideas

Apr 10, 2012

mashed potatoes
scrambled eggs
egg salad/deviled egg puree
tuna salad
chicken salad (use canned chicken since it's super soft)
baked fish
laughing cow cheese wedges
ff refried beans with a little melted cheese
cottage cheese
lf ricotta cheese w/ fine meatsauce
cream soups (brocilli cheese, potato, cream of chicken)
ff plain greek yogurt (added a little splenda and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice)
no sugar added applesauce
sugar free pudding

still protein shakes to supplement mushies

Great Resources!

Apr 28, 2009

WEBSITES: – message boards and other resources – a WLS patient’s blog, with great recipes – diet tips & tricks, product reviews - submit a photo to see how you’ll look when you lose weight – create a virtual model of yourself to help you visualize weight loss – beautiful medic alert jewelry - the photos of real people on this site will make you

   think twice about whether the BMI standards are really valid





Side-By-Side Pictures (directions courtesy of ShrinkinSmiles)

Nov 23, 2008

I'm getting good at doing the side by side thing though... I first make sure that the pictures are the same size.     Then, I use my paint program.  I open up the after picture first.  Then I use the cropping tool, I crop the whole picture. then go into tools, click on "cut".   it's a black page then.     Then back up to "file" and open the before picture.  Before it will open, a box will pop up & ask you if you want to keep the changes to the after picture.  Click on NO, so it doesn't change your picture to that blank page.      Then, your before picture will open up.  Just grab the side of the picture and drag it out to the right.    Back to the tool bar.. click on "edit"   the list will come down & click on "Paste".   It will paste the picture over your new one, but it's movable... so move it to the right side, so the pics are side by side.   If there is extra white beside it, you can click on the side.. and move it, so it looks like only 1 picture.  Same with the bottom of the picture.      When that is all done, back to the tool bar.. click on "Edit" and then "Save as"  And name your new picture.   I use "Before_down 95_Comparison"  or something like that.

10 Day Plateau Buster Diet

Jul 19, 2008

Thought I'd post this for when I need it later....
1 Do this for 10 days to break a plateau
2 Drink 2 qtrs of water a day
3 You must have 45 grams of protein supplement and all your vitamins/mineral supplement each day
4 You may consume up to 3oz of the following high protein foods, 5x a day beef,  pork,  chicken,  turkey,  lamb,  fish,  eggs,  low fat chs,  cottage chs,  plain yogurt or artificially sweetened,  peanut butter,  beand/ legumes
 You may also have: sugar free popsicles,  tea or coffee,  sugar free Jello,  broths/bullion,  crystal light drinks.
5  If it's not on the list, you can't have it for 10 days!!!
6  Keep a food diary and try to get up to 30 minutes of exercise daily
If you follow PB faithfully (not cheating) you can easily lose 10lbs in 10 days!

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Side-By-Side Pictures (directions courtesy of ShrinkinSmiles)
10 Day Plateau Buster Diet