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Jun 27, 2021

I wrote a blog post yesterday called "Pre-OP Diet, SAD, and Me" which talked about how I'm feeling now during my weight loss trial versus when I was eating without restriction. Yesterday, I wasn't sure if I was having cravings or simply adjusting to the sudden drop in calories because I initially felt fine. But today, I am feeling much of the same and it is concerning to me. Walking up the stairs takes most of my energy while before I'd be a little winded but I wouldn't feel like I was going to pass out.

In addition to that, I feel so tired. I've been on the brink of falling asleep ever since I got out of bed this morning. As someone who struggles with mental health issues this has made everything so much worse. I'm tempted to eat something I'm not supposed to like chicken and rice soup (I'm not permitted to eat rice) for the carbohydrates but even though I'm hungry, my body is telling me not to eat. 

If you read my previous blog post you know I struggle with disordered eating. My suspicion that obsessing over passing the weight loss trial may exacerbate negative traits surrounding food and exercise. Purging leads to overeating or bingeing for me which is exactly what I don't want but the stakes are high if I do not meet the requirements to pass the trial.

I am contacting my nutritionist to discuss this. In the meanwhile, I'm going to go ahead and sit here and have a protein shake. I'm starting to think the macros aren't working for my body. I have lost a few pounds but if it means being foggy, zoned out, and so weak I nearly collapse from walking up the stairs, something must be done.

If you're reading this, let this serve as a reminder to listen to your body and reach to your providers with any problems or concerns as they arise. Monitor your blood pressure, get labs to check if everything is okay, and if your body is telling you that something isn't right (or enough) contact your providers immediately.


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