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Attend the ObesityHelp 2014 Conference!

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my journey blog - I have a new post up on my blog.  I think it's a simple blog but an honest one.  if you wish to check it out.  Of course I am open to suggestions.

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I started back full time today 5 weeks tomorrow. I had to bring my...

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teach zumba

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my journey blog - Hello.  I had surgery April 8th 2014.  I started blogging.  It's nothing super fantastic yet, but I like writing and sharing my experiences so far.   My blog is:  boboonamission.wo...

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Waiting Waiting Waiting - I am so excited to have embarked on this journey with the support of my amazing husband.  I have been battling PCOS, obesity and diabetes for a little while now.  I also have be...

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Kitchener Waterloo Support groups - HI!  i am stil in the process for surgery.  Just waiting to meet with the surgeon and set a date.  i want to join a support group, is there any in Kitchener?  

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To run a marathon!
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