Feb 2009

Feb 12, 2009

August  - Sept Let me catch you up on what happened.    The colonoscopy came back clear only hemmheroids.  Then Dr Vaimakis deflated my band . I then had a gastroscope and found moderate gastritis.   Dr Micale then gave me the diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   

Oct - Jan was not good.  I had a mental breakdown and took an overdose of percocet.  Once discharged, I began psychotherapy once a week.  It seems like I take one step forward then i take 2 steps back.

When I fell at work down the slope on the grass, I had to go to employee health since I didn’t have the money nor did I want to come crawling to my normal orthopedist about my knee. When I went, Dr. W  she said it was probably was nothing, but yet she sent me for an x-ray. My ortho Dr B was  there for me as a friend and taking a look at the x-ray before I left work that Friday.   Dr B gave me advice that if I still had pain on Monday I should request an MRI.   When I went in on Monday with my knee still hurting, she was a bit reluctant to order one. I mentioned that I spoke to Dr B and she only then agreed to get the MRI.   When the MRI, was done they said it would take a few days for the results.   Dr B however being a friend again looked at it without me having to see Dr B .   This meant a great deal to me and probably kept me from having an anxiety attack. When the MRI results came to Dr. Wagle, they were not allowed to refer me to you since NJM wanted me to see another orthopedist. So they referred me to Dr Meese. He felt like you did that PT would help.   I tried PT for 8 weeks and went to see him on Dec. 24, and he felt he could not help me still in pain so he told me to get another opinion.   I went to employee health immediately after the appointment and they said I had to wait till Friday, Dec 26th to get approval to see another ortho and that I most likely would have to wait till at least Monday to get a new appointment with the next ortho. I couldn’t wait so I went on my own and called Dr B office. Dr B wasoff, but Dr S was not. The staff told me that if I could come immediately they could take me. Luckily I was right around the corner hoping Dr B office could help me.   Dr. S also looked at all the tests and he gave me a cortisone shot in hopes of getting me through the holidays, he thought that Synovisc would help that knee. The cortisone did help some but not completely.  When I finally was able to get the second (third) ortho that NJM would allow me to see he spelled out that it was do nothing or go in and take a look.   I knew that surgery would find an answer to the pain.

SO in the Middle of January I had Surgery.   My IBS & Gastritis was under control. 
.  At the end of Jan I got a fill and am up to about 5 ccs.

Feb. -  My stomach started to do a back track and giving me nausea. I am also having IBS pain. 

I am sick of it.  I am hopeful that this will all resolve once I get married.   I hate that my weight is going up or not staying down.   It is yoyoing.  I am doing what I can to stop it but I almost can't handle it.  Maybe this is why I am having the anxiety attacks. 


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