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Mar 21, 2011

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Catching up!

Jun 15, 2009

I am finally not having panic attacks.   I am now a married woman.  I got married in April.    The weight did go up as it does with all that go on cruises.  My IBS has been kicking up though.  I have been having some of my medications changed since I want to get pregnant at some point.   I have caused my  gastritis to get worse by taking too much advil.  I am now going to see a pain specialist for the abdominal pain for which I am still getting intermitantly,  

I experienced the feeling of being totally stuck and not being able to keep water down.   Not fun.  Thank goodness I was able to vomit and get it to move and clear it out.   My side and throat hurt after that.  I ended up going on mushies for the rest of that day.   I see my surgeon this week. 


Feb 2009

Feb 12, 2009

August  - Sept Let me catch you up on what happened.    The colonoscopy came back clear only hemmheroids.  Then Dr Vaimakis deflated my band . I then had a gastroscope and found moderate gastritis.   Dr Micale then gave me the diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   

Oct - Jan was not good.  I had a mental breakdown and took an overdose of percocet.  Once discharged, I began psychotherapy once a week.  It seems like I take one step forward then i take 2 steps back.

When I fell at work down the slope on the grass, I had to go to employee health since I didn’t have the money nor did I want to come crawling to my normal orthopedist about my knee. When I went, Dr. W  she said it was probably was nothing, but yet she sent me for an x-ray. My ortho Dr B was  there for me as a friend and taking a look at the x-ray before I left work that Friday.   Dr B gave me advice that if I still had pain on Monday I should request an MRI.   When I went in on Monday with my knee still hurting, she was a bit reluctant to order one. I mentioned that I spoke to Dr B and she only then agreed to get the MRI.   When the MRI, was done they said it would take a few days for the results.   Dr B however being a friend again looked at it without me having to see Dr B .   This meant a great deal to me and probably kept me from having an anxiety attack. When the MRI results came to Dr. Wagle, they were not allowed to refer me to you since NJM wanted me to see another orthopedist. So they referred me to Dr Meese. He felt like you did that PT would help.   I tried PT for 8 weeks and went to see him on Dec. 24, and he felt he could not help me still in pain so he told me to get another opinion.   I went to employee health immediately after the appointment and they said I had to wait till Friday, Dec 26th to get approval to see another ortho and that I most likely would have to wait till at least Monday to get a new appointment with the next ortho. I couldn’t wait so I went on my own and called Dr B office. Dr B wasoff, but Dr S was not. The staff told me that if I could come immediately they could take me. Luckily I was right around the corner hoping Dr B office could help me.   Dr. S also looked at all the tests and he gave me a cortisone shot in hopes of getting me through the holidays, he thought that Synovisc would help that knee. The cortisone did help some but not completely.  When I finally was able to get the second (third) ortho that NJM would allow me to see he spelled out that it was do nothing or go in and take a look.   I knew that surgery would find an answer to the pain.

SO in the Middle of January I had Surgery.   My IBS & Gastritis was under control. 
.  At the end of Jan I got a fill and am up to about 5 ccs.

Feb. -  My stomach started to do a back track and giving me nausea. I am also having IBS pain. 

I am sick of it.  I am hopeful that this will all resolve once I get married.   I hate that my weight is going up or not staying down.   It is yoyoing.  I am doing what I can to stop it but I almost can't handle it.  Maybe this is why I am having the anxiety attacks. 

More Problems

Aug 24, 2008

1.  I will be getting a colonoscopy to make sure I have IBS  (abdominal pain gb & appendix removed and fluctuations between diahrea and constipation) and nothing else more serious.  I have to do the half-lytly prep w/ the pills.  How much should I be able to tolerate?

2. I have been at a stand still in my weight and have been under extra stress.  I have been eating I think at the right speed but maybe a tad to fast.  However, I keep throwing up at least 1/2 of my meal.  Found out that I was at perfect restriction but doc agreed to remove a tad so I could eat.


Jul 26, 2008

I have been hospitalized twice for dizziness, headache, and dehydration.  When I was in the ER , my white count was slightly elevated and my chems have been right on the border.  I have been under some stress but aren't we all.

Recent Update

Jun 08, 2008

Since I got home from Convention I had several attacks and went to the er the day before disida scan because I had pain that wasn't able to be controled with the Rx dr schmidt gave me for relaxing gastric spasms. This was thursday when I was admitted.  Friday had the scan and kept in the hospital till sat AM and was discharged with Percocet.  Sunday very late/early Monday I was having pains that I took the max percocet for.   About an hour and a half later I went to the ER since pain was not controlled.   They gave me Morphine which finally controlled the pain.  THe ER doc was thinking about discharging me till he saw my labs:
     Sodium                   H 151            (135-145)
     Chloride                 H 111            (100-110)
      Glucose                  H 148            (70-110)  
and he didn't like it so I was admitted plus I had the scope in the am.   Since then I wasn't discharged until after surgery.  I was kept in the hospital since they could not control the pain without Morphine IM/IV. I ended up getting Dr L for my anesthesia.  He has been coming into the library so I tried him as long as others told me he was ok so I did and received him.  I was impressed.  My IV was giving me pain plus getting very slow so he started a new one once I was under anesthesia. (he was lucky to get one since the docs threatened to start a central line or a picc line since my veins kept blowing.).   Once in there she saw There were several adhesions up to the anterior abdominal wall which were lysed using the hook cautery. Once this had been accomplished, the tubing of the previous band was identified. The tubing was noted to be within the abdomen and somewhat entangled in the mesentery of the small intestine. Using DeBakey graspers, the tubing of the band was carefully uncoiled from the mesentery as well as from the intestine. There was one adhesion to the band which was also lysed using laparoscopic shears. Once this had been accomplished, the tubing was completely freed. It was placed in the left upper quadrant away from the intestine. The bowel was carefully inspected. There was no evidence of any injury as well as no evidence of any bleeding. She then removed my Gallbladder. 
On Friday, I actually had a visit from Dr L  which impressed me. I was discharged finally at the end of the day with the percocet working.  No abdominal pain other than incisions.


May 31, 2008

I have been in the hospital since thursday afternoon . I felt some pain and yucky and knew I wasn't right.  So I was admitted.  on wed. i saw my gi who was getting frustrated that he couldn't figure it out, his guess it was w/ the band & didn't thinkk it was my gallbladder(gb).  So, I called my band doc and she did think my gb wasn't functioning properly . Had disida scan w/ cck along w/ an upper gi on Fri am . GI doc did the same thing to me thinking again it was in my head.  Band looked great however my ejection # was only 11.7% . So band doc, suggested it come out. it is scheduled for thurs @ 8:30am.  But gi doc wants an endoscope & gastric emptying scan before surgery. band doc wanted repeat scope & i think she was ok with the scan prior to surgery.  Since i had fri as sick day & not much time on the books except in long term illness band doc okayed me being on sick leave for all next week . i am glad i have an answer now.  band doc is marvelous!

Health Update

Feb 04, 2008

Ø      Occasional Nausea

§         Cured with tums

Thursday January 10

§   Laryngitis

§   Cough

§   Sniffles


 Ø  Sunday January 13

§   Bad Laryngitis

§   Coughing more from deep in chest


 Ø  Monday January 14

  § Dr White, Colorectal Surgeon

·        Follow-up for Hemmheroid Banding

·        Still have a Deep  Hemmheroid play wait & see


 Ø      Tuesday January 15

§ On & off  Laryngitis

§ Still Coughing more from deep in chest

§ Dr Ilowite, Dermatologist

·        Saw for stains on neck

·        Offered to check upper respiratory

·        Prescribed Biaxin for upper respiratory

·        Nizoral for Fungal Infection


 Ø      Wednesday January 16

§ Nausea getting worse Taking tums more often not much relief

Friday January 18

§ Noticed minimal rectal bleeding

§ Made appt for banding w/ Dr White


 Ø Monday January 21

§ Dr White, Colorectal Surgeon

·        Hemmheroid Banding

·        Prescribed Anusol HC Suppository

§ Dr Kailas, Neurologist

·        Lungs still sound gunky

·        Upped dosage of Mirapex to 0.5 mg for RLS

Ø Wednesday January 23

§ Saw Dr Schmidt, Gastroenterologist

·        Nausea still there & worse

·        Doubled frequency of Protonix

·        Prescribed Zolfran

§ Had Blood Work Done for Dr Welish (my PCP)

§ Had Chest X-Ray for Dr Ilowite             

Ø  Thursday January 24

§  Faxed Dr Welish letter regarding my health problems


   Ø  Friday January 25

§ Dr. Welish

·        still not up to par

·        still coughing

·        prescribed Augmentin 875 mg & Advair


  Ø  Friday January 25 – Saturday January 26

§   Unsure how to take Advair

·         Clicked side to many times

·        Overdosed & felt horrible couldn’t catch breath & heart pounding

·        Went to ER

o       Had Tachycardia

o       Given injections of Solu-Medrol& Lopressor to lower HR

§ Later in Day Saturday, Had Difficult BM w/ bleeding

·        Long

·        Wide

·        Hard


 Ø  Sunday January 27

§  Felt constipated couldn’t go

§  Took Magnesium Citrate (⅓ bottle)

§  Had bowel movement then diarrhea which I expected from Magnesium Citrate

§  Nauseous took Tums & Zolfran


 Ø Monday January 28

§ Awoke very tired

§ Drove to work barely staying awake

§ Still Nauseous took more Tums & Zolfran

§ Fell asleep in office, could not stay awake. 

§ Called Dr Welish to let them know about ER visit.

·        Dr Welish nurse returned call & Told them story

·        told of condition feeling sleepy & severe nausea

·        Told very busy but will talk with doctor

·        Nurse called back, told to come in right away they could squeeze me in at that time. 

o       At office temperature was 100.9

o        weight 261 pounds

o        respiratory rate 16,

o        blood pressure 125/87

o       pulse was 139 and regular

o       HEENT: Normocephalic, atraumatic.

o       NECK: No jugular venous distension.

o       HEART: Tachycardia with a regular rhythm, normal S1 and S2. An  S3 was not present.

o       LUNGS: Clear.

o       ABDOMEN: Mildly tender in the epigastrium.

o       EXTREMITIES: Without edema.

·        Told to go to ER, since Dr Welish didn’t like Tachycardia, Temp & GI Problems & someone from Schmidt group would come to ER (told Dr Palance by ER nurses)

o       After Triage and brought back, got put on monitor & Waited to see doctor

o       After 2 hours, Dr Schmidt coming by to see another patient walked by seeing me and returned to me before seeing the other patient

§ Asked me why I was there & examined me

§ Gave me my options he could treat me with meds or scope me especially since I saw him a few days earlier with no change

§ Called up stairs to see if they can fit me in that night

·        Since I was employee, I think they squeezed me in with the Dr Putterman who knew my case with the Gastric Band

o       Dr Welish Stated that Clinically the patient is dehydrated and IV fluids have been ordered and also intravenous antibiotics will be ordered (which were not).

16 week point

Dec 05, 2007

I am doing okay.  Lost 25 lbs.  Had a plateau for a while pound wise but I have lost size wise.  I am down to a size 20/22 or 1x/2x (depending on the fit).    I have more 1x though.  I have had a tough case of contact dermatitis over turkey vacation.  for which, I am now going to see an allergist to hopefully figure it out what I am allergic too.   Hemmerhoids have 95% cleared up after the procedure. 


Oct 24, 2007

I have been okay on the weigh tloss.  I have lost about 20 lbs. I have had a few adjustments/fills and even one unfill the friday  after my first fill.   

I have had a complication.  I have had severe constipation which led to a severe case of bleeding internal hemmeroids which were painful enough for me to ask for relief.   My gastroenterologist Dr Schmidt sent me to see his associate Dr Palance who was doing a new procedure, hemmeroidal banding.  I went to see Dr Palance and he did do the new procedure on me in the hospital under sedation.  He ended up doing it 3 different days to finally get all of my hemmerhoids.  Once finished, It did do the trick now it is a wait and see game if they come back.  

My regular doc reduced my BP meds 3 times so far and I am on the smallest dose of my med.  Next step is off the BP med.   Yahoo!!!! 

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