New Me; New Pictures

Apr 16, 2009

So last night I uploaded some new pictures of the new  The new profile shots are a month old and already out of date...the portrait shot is from the beginning of April and closer to what I look like now.  I also created a new album for Other Pictures.  The new album will have some of my favorite photos that I take...I love photography and would like to share some pictures with everyone.  Also, in celebration of the new me I got a new tattoo...hehehe.  A picture can be found in the Other Pictures folder...right now it doesn't look as nice as the photo because it's healing...but it will be beautiful again! 

I think the new me is stressing some people has been hell this week...interpersonal relationships are not my forte.  So, I'm laying low and just concentrating on my work.  I'm really proud that I haven't been stress the past I would turn to chocolate now I'm just contemplating everything and trying to find the best way to deal with people.

That's it for now!  Take care everyone!


Celebrity Spotting

Mar 29, 2009

So, last night I went to practice (ice skating) at a freestyle session... skaters who attend freestyle sessions are preparing for  tests, and training for local shows or competitions.  Anyway, here I am skating in my little area trying to come up with a routine for a program I'm doing with other adult skaters at the end of the May.  As I'm standing there thinking this girl goes flying by like a blur...I'm thinking "she thinks she's Kimmie Meisner skating around here like that"....she comes by again...and yep, sure enough it's Kimmie Meisner...LOL.  This rink is were Kimmie trained until a couple of years ago when she moved to Florida.  Turns out she's home for a week and then back on the road with Stars on Ice.  Well, I'm sure you can imagine I spent more time watching her practice than

On the weight loss side of life things are going well.  I'm losing steadily and very happy about that.  I've gotten myself into a routine for breakfast and lunch...thank goodness I don't have any issues eating the same thing five days a  It really helps my body to keep losing weight.  I'm down to 195 and it seems everyone noticed last week.  Whenever I said I still have 65 pounds to go, they were all looking at me like I'm crazy.  It's a good feeling!



Catch Up Time

Mar 02, 2009's been a while since I posted on my  I'm still losing weight at a steady pace.  I had my three month appointment on February 18.  Unfortunately my doctor didn't see me getting down to 130 pounds.  I was upset by his prediction and have moved beyond it.  I've increased the intensity of my exercise...I'm now running on the treadmill two to three times a week...doing a spinning class at least once a week....working out on a rowing machine twice a week...elliptical three times a week at a resistance between 40 and 55...and weights three times a week. I work out six days a week doing everything I've described plus sit ups, crunches, stretches, push ups, etc.  I'm seeing more weight loss is going up again, so I'm happy.  I want to go back to my 6 month follow-up down 100 pounds and then lose the final 30 pounds from 7 to 12 months out. 

Food wise, I haven't found anything to become a favorite.  I'm eating to survive at this point.  I get those crazy cravings after watching a commericals, but then I remember what food tastes like now and I think, "I'm not going to like it now, so don't think about it"  I have found that I have to stick to my morning routine to make sure I eat three meals in the day.  If I don't eat my cereal in the morning...the rest of the day is crazy for me....I either don't want to eat or I eat more carbs and feel like's crazy.  But now I know, I have to stick to my routine, which is easy for me to handle and I don't have to think about my first meal of the day.


Woohoo on the road again...

Jan 14, 2009

So this week I lost 4 lbs.  I have now lost 40 lbs in seven weeks and a day...I'm very excited. I think part of the issue I'm having is that I'm not getting enough protein or at the least not getting enough calories in my body to expend the energy I'm trying to put out.  Therefore, my body is going in and out of starvation mode.  To see if my theory is right I'm going to add in a daily protein shake and see if that helps me continue to lose weight on a regular basis.  I hate those shakes, but I really want to go to my three month appointment in late February and have lost 60 lbs. 

On other issues things seem to be going well...I haven't had another issue with frothing...I'm really starting to get back to the exercise was very difficult during the holidays with all the running around preparing and visiting family and now we are trying to get ready for our annual audit at work, so this time of year is always stressful and action packed.  Oh well enough complaining and time to get doing...take care everyone!

Talk with you soon!

Hmmm...slowed down

Jan 07, 2009

I'm not quite sure what is going on with the weight loss.  In the last week I lost .8 of a pound.  I'm certainly not eating more, I am excercising regularly.  I've not been very good about the protein shakes...this is my last week with them and honestly I can tell you I HATE them!  Yuck.  I'm going to weigh myself again tomorrow...another pattern I've found is that I seem to have more of a weight loss on Fridays than Thursdays...LOL.  Crazy I know.  I'll post again tomorrow and hopefully have better news.


Happy New Year!

Jan 01, 2009

I feel like  Well, it's New Year's and I'm down 36 lbs...only 95 more to go to goal!!  Things are going great.  I'm making sure to eat slowly and have moist foods so that I don't experience frothing again and so far so good.  I am finding that full feeling and it really is about four or five bites of food.  I'm excerising like crazy....about 1.5 hours a day six days a week.  I can get back on the ice in about a week...I can't wait...I miss ice skating so much!  Clothes are getting business clothes are really starting to look wonderful! 

Well, wishing all of you much joy and great happiness this new year....what a year we're going to have!! Take care and let me know how you're doing!


Three Week Appointment

Dec 17, 2008

I had my three week follow-up appointment yesterday.  It went well...I'm doing great...they love the amount of exercise I'm doing in a day.  I'm up to 30 minutes on the treadmill at lunch (we have a small gym at work) and then after work 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

This week I had problems after dinner on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday I went out to dinner and ordered a broiled crab cake and string beans, but after four bites I became very uncomfortable like there was an air bubble stuck in my pouch and esophagus.  My mouth was producing a lot of salvia...something I used to do before throwing up.  Well, I didn't throw up, but after much pain in the upper middle of my back I managed to burp...thank God!  It relieved my problem.  On Tuesday I fixed 1 oz of roasted chicken and steamed some frozen California vegetables.  Everything was going well until about 30 minutes after eating I again started with sever upper middle back pain like an air bubble was stuck.  I can honestly say I know what a horse feels like when they have a burr under the saddle...I couldn't get this go away and it was just kept getting worse.  It was getting to the point that I was starting to think about going to the hospital.  Again I was producing salvia like was really gross.  Finally I decided to bend over and see if I could get the air bubble to come out that way...well I got sick ...a couple of small pieces of food came up and A LOT of saliva.  I felt 95% better after that; everything was back to normal within 30 minutes.  It took me 40 minutes to come up with the idea to bend over....

We think my problem is from either  eating too fast or eating food that is too dry.  Seems there is this condition called "frothing" when you eat food that is too produce a lot of salvia and it gets white and foamy.  So to combat this problem last night I made sure to add a little salsa to my chicken and veggies and eat slower....I had no problems last night...thank God, I was ready to stop eating dinner

I didn't mean to get too gross, but I thought you would like to know about this condition.  I had never heard of it before, but it seems that it should go away within 3 to 6 months.  I think I'll just make sure to eat moist foods at a slower

Take care everyone!

Working To Get It All In

Nov 29, 2008

Wow...all I can say is I'm FULL!!  From the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night I'm either eating or drinking something!  I have determined that I have to get up by 8 AM (at least until I go back to work)...brush my teeth and my hair and get to making and eating breakfast...then I get myself dressed and out the door for a 30 minute walk the time I get all of that done it's time for a protein shake, a popsicle, and water....then stop drinking about 12:30 PM to have lunch at 1 2 PM bundle up for a 30 minute walk.....come in and get a chore or two 3:30 PM have a protein shake, a popsicle, and more water...4:30 PM bundle up again and go for another walk...come in and fix dinner...finally sit for 90 minutes....have a popsicle and more water....around 8:30 PM have a protein shake, more fluids and go to bed about 10 PM.  If I don't start at 8 AM, I can't get all of this's crazy.  

The only problem I'm having is getting in 64 oz of water everyday.  I used to drink 128 or more a day before surgery, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting in 32 oz now, so I've resorted to the popsicles.  Who knew sugar free popsicles could taste so good?

Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2008

Its two days after surgery and I'm giving much thanks to being home were I can rest, drink my fluids in peace, and walk, walk, walk. 

Surgery went well, everyone was very happy with my progress while in the hospital.  Some of the issues I had to deal with were nausea ( a lot of it....I'll never ever get pregnant) and difficulty urinating once the catheter was removed (I won't go into this, but I was very thankful my bladder finally woke up 7 hours later).  I stopped giving myself the morphine by 7 PM the night of surgery.  I felt the morphine with the remains of the anesthesia was making me nauseous.  In the end, I badgered my nurse and met my criteria to leave the hospital....again, very thankful for that.  

Today the pain is almost non-existent.  I have discomfort when an air bubble gets caught and it's true that one to two teaspoons give that feeling of fullness.  My goals today are to take two 30 minute walks, eat and drink, drink, drink, and take three 30 minute walks this afternoon.  

I wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving...hope you enjoy the turkey and all the trimings, but please don't eat too much!! 

P.S. I'm VERY thankful for my mom...she's a true angel...thanks you!

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