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Mar 02, 2009's been a while since I posted on my  I'm still losing weight at a steady pace.  I had my three month appointment on February 18.  Unfortunately my doctor didn't see me getting down to 130 pounds.  I was upset by his prediction and have moved beyond it.  I've increased the intensity of my exercise...I'm now running on the treadmill two to three times a week...doing a spinning class at least once a week....working out on a rowing machine twice a week...elliptical three times a week at a resistance between 40 and 55...and weights three times a week. I work out six days a week doing everything I've described plus sit ups, crunches, stretches, push ups, etc.  I'm seeing more weight loss is going up again, so I'm happy.  I want to go back to my 6 month follow-up down 100 pounds and then lose the final 30 pounds from 7 to 12 months out. 

Food wise, I haven't found anything to become a favorite.  I'm eating to survive at this point.  I get those crazy cravings after watching a commericals, but then I remember what food tastes like now and I think, "I'm not going to like it now, so don't think about it"  I have found that I have to stick to my morning routine to make sure I eat three meals in the day.  If I don't eat my cereal in the morning...the rest of the day is crazy for me....I either don't want to eat or I eat more carbs and feel like's crazy.  But now I know, I have to stick to my routine, which is easy for me to handle and I don't have to think about my first meal of the day.



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