Faye P. posted a discussion topic 3 years, 9 months ago

hi all. I haven't posted for a bit. Relaxing and healing.  Have been doing great although a couple small scares. About a week out I felt like I was carrying around a small baby under my left breast. I was concerned and went to the ER in North Bay. Afte

Faye P. posted a discussion topic 3 years, 9 months ago

I guess this would be day 2 post op since it's so early in the morning. I am a little sore tonight and took some pain meds. At my sisters in Toronto until Saturday when my boyfriend will pick me up. I managed to have my first "toot" as a polite way of

Faye P. posted a discussion topic 3 years, 9 months ago

So happy my optifast days are almost over!  4 more to go!  Day 17 and I'm very tired of only eating sweet shakes. I'm a little discouraged as I've only lost so far 6 lbs.  I've stuck to the shakes only, and only had 3 cups of broth in the past two week

Faye P. posted a discussion topic 3 years, 11 months ago

Very excited and a wee bit nervous too.  I just received my phone call for surgery, Wednesday November 2nd :)

3 weeks of optifast though, has anyone ever done 3 weeks?  i understood it was only 2.. lol.. sounds like i might be sick of shakes

Faye P. posted a discussion topic 4 years ago

I am new to the OH world and am in the beginning of the process awaiting the final meeting with the nurse on Aug 19/16.  The next step will be to meet with the doctor in Toronto and to schedule the surgery.  From North Bay and haven't seen too many pos

Faye P. has a new goal: Drink 64 oz of water daily 4 years ago
Need to continue to practice sipping on water slowly throughout the tday. I can easily drink the water, just I guzzle water too fast!! I have refillable water bottles on my desks at work and at home to aid in this goal.

Faye P. has a new goal: Eat protein at every meal. 4 years ago
Prepare cooked eggs and chicken ready in the fridge. Ensure I grocery shop once a week to assist. Have peanut butter handy in the cupboard.

Faye P. has a new goal: Track food 4 years ago
I am using My Fitness Pal to complete this goal. Using their goals and limits based on my body size/type/activity suggestions.

Faye P. has a new goal: Work out at least 3 times a week 4 years ago
I have two friends who have joined the gym with me. We will keep each other motivated!! Need to get into the routine of getting to the gym and then will create another goal for 5 times a week :)
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