Jun 09, 2009

Well I'm having another WOW moment!!  This morning I stepped on the scales and it read 299!! I haven't seen the 200's in over a decade!!  This is a humbling moment for me. I can't begin to express the joy that it brings me.  This journey has brought me so much already and I'm only 5 1/2 months out!  my total loss now is 107. 
More and more people are starting to notice my wt loss.  When u have so much to loose the first 50 can really go unnoticed by most people.  I even had a patient that I hadn't taken care of since before surgery make a comment about how I've lost so much weight since the last time they had seen me!!  That made my night!! 
My next goal that I'm working on is a bike.  My husband and I have started looking @ different ones here and there.  I think I'm still to big to buy one and start ridding but the bug has bit me and I'm ready!!  My kids are so excited about the idea of going on bike rides with us they can hardly wait!!  Todd is about 25lbs away from reaching goal so he's actually used his Dad's bike a few times this month and rode with the kids already- it was an awww moment!!  My kids were happier than Christmas morning!!  for real!!
It's amazing how much life is opening up before my eyes just from loosing weight..... I can only imagine what the next 100 lbs will bring me!!  I'M READY!!

Peace out -



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