Weird but true - tired of food

Jan 15, 2009

Simply put - I hate food. I am so tired of eating. That sounds so weird right? But with this new sleeve comes new lessons. I am worried about not getting enough water in between my meals. I'm trying to make this sleeve work the right way, but eating is really becoming a problem. I can't find anything that I like eating. I'ts like I used to enjoy and savor the tastes, but now I eat because I have to so that I do not get sick and so I can loose weight. But I end up throwing away so much food because i just don't like anything I try except for this mango smoothie by Mix 1 from Whole Foods. That tastes really good. But other than that nothing tastes like it used it and I get tired of having to eat. Most things are becoming too sweet-even the smoothie mix by unjury, which I thought would work well for me, but it just tastes to darn sweet and I'm not usually in the mood to deal with that taste. This is all new and different for me. Who would have thought I'd be so picky with eating. Even the television commericals that used to get my appetite all worked up are no longer appealing to me anymore. Something is definitely happening. I'm not sure where I'm going with all of this, but I do know that I need to eat. I'm actually thinking of trying baby food next. I wonder if this is a normal stage and if it will ever go away.
On the plus side, since i have been eating just 3 times a day and waiting 90 minutes to drink after my meals, my stall has come to an end and the scale is once again going down.


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