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Jul 19, 2009

Well I it a major stall at 6 months, but I decided to purchase some B12 and it is working. I am once again losing weight two days in a row. Most of my family says that I am no longer fat and in fact look great. At 175 now, they question how much more weight I need to lose. According to my calculator I have 55 more pounds to go to reach my high school weight 120, we shall see. Now, I am thinking about marriage and a baby. Who will I marry, well that is the question, God will answer it one day soon. In the meantime, I am getting ready to travel to St. Petersburg, Florida this coming weekend for a family reunion and then on to Fort Lauderdale to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday at his friend's condo on the beach. It's a big party I have been planning and I can't wait to see his diamond blinged out bday cake. I even made a jeopardy game with facts on his life and my mom is doing a Power Point photo collage. I start back to work on August 3rd, thus ending my 6 week vacation. I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say about my weightloss. Oh yeah, I also started wearing this body magic shape molder and it is amazing, it really does work, all of my excess rolls of fat, that have yet to melt away are amazingly sucked in by this medieval type undergarment. My sister convinced me to buy one from her and I am glad I did. I need to host a party for my coworkers, I know they will want one once they see how slimming it is and how it actually helps you to lose weight just by wearing it. Well these are my updates.


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