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I'm 4 years out this month.  I remember reading helpful posts here before my surgery and hope that this message helps anyone who may be on the fence about the surgery.

I started at 415 lbs and got down to about 386 prior to surgery.  I lost 100

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My three year anniversary is this month which reminded me that I haven't posted on here in forever.  I could not be happier with my sleeve. I'm still working on losing some more weight but I'm down 155 from my max, 126 from my pre-surgery weight.

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1 Year Out - I'm one year out.  Had my follow up visit with the surgeon today so I thought I'd just post and say that the surgery has been the best thing to happen to me since my son was bor...

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NSVies - Today my primary care doctor took me off of blood pressure medicine officially! Also, I think it is time for a new belt.  I've already drilled three holes in my old one, and I n...

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2 Months Out! - Had my two month follow up with Dr. Northup yesterday.  Officially down 61.8 lbs!  He said that is about the normal rate for a bypass patient, not a VSG and told me to stop weighin...

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New Member Intro & Recommendation - New to the forum.  Just wanted to say hi!  I was sleeved on 4/24/12.  I'm feeling great and I'm down 37 lbs since my pre-op appointment.  I was a lurker for a while before the surg...
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