I have been overweight the majority of my life. I had periods where I would lose large amounts of weight and then gain it all back and more. The last several years I have started having issues medically so I decided to start looking at surgery. I tried one last miracle diet last summer and when I lost 19 lbs and then gained 25 I said thats it...I was finally done. I went to a friend who had gastric bipass 3 years ago and she referred me to a medical group in Cincinnati, well they lost my paperwork 3 times and never would return any calls so I gave up on them. I saw an add for Bariatric Wellness so I called and they scheduled me for a class and immediately scheduled me for an appointment with my surgeon. I went in on March 6th 2008 and its now May 11th 2008 and in one week I go for pre-op testing and was told my surgery would be two weeks later.... time has flown by. Well they rescheduled the pre-op for June 5th and my surgery date is now June 10th!!!! 


5:30am Wake up take Multi Vitamin and B-Complex 
7:00am Protein Shake
7:30am Arrive at work
9:00am Calcium
1:00pm Lunch- take calcium
4:00pm Afternoon Snack- cheese or yogurt- take calcium
6:00pm Leave work
7:00pm Dinner- Multivitamin. While making dinner prepare lunch for next day
7:30-8pm Walk
8:00pm Relax, family time, watch tv, do laundry, get clothes ready for next day
9:00pm-10:00pm- Go to bed- depends on the day and what's going on for the week

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