me before surgery....320 lbs
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I wasn't always a fat girl...I was lean & mean in the Marine Corps...but then I fell 45 ft and broke my right hip and caused some spine damage.  I was later diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.  I was discharged from the Marine Corps because I was of no more use to them.  I had two children and then the weight began.

I would yo-yo diet and just end up getting bigger the next time around.  My highest weight was 320 lbs.  I needed to do something to take control back.  I couldn't exercise because it hurt, so I just got bigger and bigger.  I researched gastric bypass for two years.  I was told after my 5th back surgery that I needed to take control of my weight and my surgeon suggested weight loss surgery.

Just two years prior to my RNY surgery, I had my gallbladder removed and my sigmoid colon was torn.  I had to have emergency surgery that night and my entire sigmoid colon is removed....I have lots of my guts gone ~ keep reading

I had surgery on Jan 10th 2007.  My surgery weight was 286 lbs.  I was bypassed 150 cms.  I reached my goal weight of 150 lbs in 6 my surgeon and I reset the calculations.  I have had 5 complications that have definelty contributed to the fast amount of weight loss.  I had two at 3 months the second one at 4 months.  I had an ulcer and was put on medication for 6 months.  Then at 9 months post op, I had lost weight so quickly, my intestines twisted over on themselves because there was no longer any fat pads for them to bounce off of.  Due to a delay in diagnosis...I had waited 16 hours in an ER being told that all I had was gas...due to that delay, when my surgeon finally was contacted ~ I had twisted intestines and it was necessary to remove 150 cms of my common channel because it had died.  AT my one year anniversay, I had another bout with twisted intestines but this time is was caught in a matter of hours.  My surgeon had to "tack" my intestines to my abdominal wall to stop them from twisting over on themselves. 

So now, I am 2 years post op...I have the intestines of a DS patient (duodenal switch) but the tiny tummy of an RNY patient.  I have a terrible time with not absorbing enough nutrients because I am unable to eat large quantities of food to get the nutrition in.  I have been dealing with being underweight since one year post op.  I am 5'6" tall and currently weigh 106 lbs.  I have fallen as low as 90 lbs and had to have a feeding tube placed in order to gain weight. 

I dump on sugar and fat....I am also lactose intolerant and whey sensitive ~ so eating is a major deal for me...

I have learned how to work this new hook up of mine...I can't eat alot at one I just eat more often and I also have a special prescription rice protein shake that gives me an additional 1200 calories a day.  So I try to get in 2400 calories a day..but due to the malabsorbtion issues, it's really more like 1000 calories.  It works for me!!!!

 At 3 yrs post op:  I'm no longer on the weight gaining rice & protein diet.  I have leveled off and my weight maintains between 106-115 lbs.  I have become hypoglycemic, but I am able to control it with my diet and by eating small meals, many times aday. 

I'm so thankful for my surgery, because I think I would of been crippled by now with the weight and tension I was putting on my I wouldn't have changed a thing with this surgery....It turned out just as it was supposed to be.  My glass is half full!!

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the day of surgery...Jan 10, 2007    286 lbs                                   Me today....two years post op...   106 lbs

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my glass may be half full....but my pants are even less...   LOL                                              wanna wrassle?  LOL   GIRL POWER!!!

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