36 hours post op

Jul 02, 2013

You know how they say behind every great man is a great woman?  All I can say to that is Amen!  

Surgery was at 3 pm and i didn't make it up to the floor until 8pm.  Like we did for my wife's surgery, I had made a draft email to send to friends so that all she had to do was hit send. That way we avoided having to send a bunch of texts and emails saying that surgery went fine. An excellent tip she gave me: blind carbon copy everyone so that if you forgot anyone it wasn't obvious to everyone else. 

 The first few hours after surgery were pretty good. I don't remember much until they brought me up to the floor. I felt surprisingly good. I got my catheter out by 3 hours after I came to the floor, got up and did a few quick laps around the floor, and settled in for the night. I thought the dilaudid PCA was my best friend.  I made it trough the night okay as my wife sat at my side and watched over me. 

The next morning started early as the nurse came in at. 2:30am to threaten me that if I didn't urinate soon they were going to recath me. How rude! It seemed like a nurse or tech came in every hour with the intention of waking me for no apparent reason. So at. 5:30am I walked a few more laps and settled back in. After a quick nap my first visitors came around 11:30am. 


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