Home again!

Jul 05, 2013

Well, after a quick less than 24 hour readmission, I am home again, on antibiotics, and feeling better.  Here's what I've learned so far:

1. My surgeon is a boss and I'm tougher than I thought..  She took some hemostats, wiggled them into my biggest incision, and then opened them up, releasing all of the fluid that had filled up the area, probably leading to my fever.  No anesthetic, no local, nothing.  Stung a little, but needed to be done.  She managed to do all of it right there in my room with a small surgical kit.  Of course, that's why I wanted the Air Force trained trauma surgeon, rather than the fancy pants supersurgeon.  I wanted someone who wouldn't freak in an emergency and is as good low tech as she is high tech.

2. You need to be honest with yourself and your doctor.  I didn't want to be readmitted.  I felt like a hypochondriac.  I mean, really, I just got out and I had to call to come back in?  But my wife wouldn't hear of it.  She said- the doctor said if your temperature gets over 102, you need to call and you need to do what she says.  Turns out, that was right- I wasn't a hypochondriac- something was wrong and I needed to come in and get treated.  Although I consider myself pretty smart- I need to remember that I am not a doctor and I need to listen to the ones that I have placed my faith in.


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