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Jul 29, 2013

Unlike last week when I stalled, the end of week 4 post op ended on a positive note but with some things on my mind that I thought I would share:

1. Old clothes are new again. I have boxes and piles of clothes that I saved because I thought I would lose enough weight to wear them again.  Before surgery I would have thought that was impossible.  Now, I have started picking shorts out of the pile that a few months ago I couldn't even get over my hips!  I also tried on an old suit that my wife tells me is more than 10 years old that is just a little snug but hopefully in a few weeks will fit perfectly for the Jewish holidays.  It's like shopping without spending anything!

2. Back in the saddle.  Well, not exactly a saddle, but tonight I resume teaching my karate classes that I have not been able to attend since surgery.  This is another big milestone in my recovery! Yesterday I went to the big dojo summer picnic.  I brought plenty of water and some Greek yogurt and did just fine.  My friends who knew were so enthusiastic about my progress.  Some people heard me talking to them and came over later to tell me that they saw my weight loss but were hesitant to say anything in case it was for all of the wrong reasons (like being sick).  I had expected a really warm response from my dojo family, but it was still really nice that it happened just the way I hoped!

3. Throwing out food is hard.  On Saturday I made 7.5 pounds of meatballs.  Of course neither my wife nor I can eat them, so this was strictly for the kids.  I portioned them out and packaged them for the freezer.  Each one had 6oz of meatballs and a little sauce.  My daughter had some yesterday and she ate just the meatballs and none of the sauce.  So there I was with a bowl of what I can humbly say is a delicious meat rich sauce and I threw it out.  Wow.  That hurt.  That used to be my snack after dinner;  now it was garbage. I couldn't eat it because it was too soon for my pouch and I knew I shouldn't eat it even if I could but it was such a weird sensation to throw out food.  Still, these are the hard choices that I need to learn to make to keep up my progress.


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