Aug 27, 2010

I finally decided to get an unfill.  Had 5.5 cc and he took out .3.  I was gurgling while I was drinking the last two mornings and everything I ate hurt going down, so I know my band had become too tight.  Weight was the same as May's visit.  192.4  Hopefully, I can start eating better again and exercising and get some more weight off now.

May 18, 2010 visit

May 18, 2010

I guess I missed writing about my last visit 6 wks ago.  Had a small gain, but no fill.  So Dr. W had me come back in 6 wks instead of 8.  So I was back down to 195 but I just keep bouncing back and forth in the 190's.  So he said I have not had a fill for 6 months and maybe a small fill would help.  It does seem like I am learning to eat better but still have to get rid of the over 300 cal. 'snack' I always seem to indulge in. He said he would rather I eat protien instead of the blueberries! 
So, I got on the scale this morning and I am so happy, it read 191!!  Finally less then 193, now if I can just keep it coming off.  The only other time in my life I lost weight, I was down to 180, so that is my next goal.  I hope by then I can fit into those sz 16 jean shorts I have had in the attic for so long. 

Feb. 16 visit

Feb 16, 2010

I was 195.8 this visit.  Only lost 3.2 lbs. but at least it was not a gain.  I did good the first month after my last fill, but then on Jan. 18 after dogsitting for the weekend, my right arm started hurting.  I have never had so much pain in my life in my limbs. My pain pills would not even dull it.  I had this for 3 weeks. The steriod shot finally helped.  Between that and all the snow, all I did was sit and eat!  So that botched my weight loss for these two months.  So now I start over again and now I am trying something different.  My goal every night is to be off the couch by 7 and no more snacks after that time.  I have plenty to do to get ready for vacation.  Dr. W said being on vacation should help, he said most people can make good choices eating out.   I know if I get more active I will not want to snack so much.  My meal portions are no problem.  I am satisfied on 1/2 meal eating out and 3/4 c. protein is satisfying.

My 1st PB

Jan 13, 2010

Well, I had my first PB episode tonight and I didn't like it one bit.   I think I have pretty good restriction and I got TOM today and I just was not hungry at all most of the day.  Went shopping and stopped for dinner about 6:30.  Ate some baked haddock and baked sweet potato.  The potato skin was really burned.  It seems my band did not like that charcoal taste at all.  PB'd the whole way home from the restaurant.  Had to have DH pull over.  Finally got enough back up for the pain to pass,  Now drinking chicken boullion. I love the no hunger part - this must be what reaching your sweet spot feels like.

2nd Fill- Sure was needed

Dec 19, 2009

My 1st fill was Sept 1, about 4 cc in 10 cc band.  I have been really poor about keeping records of my journey and now I am regretting it.   My next appt. was Oct. 14 and the first with Dr. Weiger.  I lost weight and still had pretty good restriction so I didn't get a fill.  I was doing good till Thanksgiving.  I did not overeat that day, but after that I just keep 'justifying' that I needed a reward of 'snacks.'   I was eating chips, cookies, nuts, all the wrong foods again and mostly  from 8 p.m. until bedtime, the worst time to eat.  I was just out of control.   Thank god for my appt. on 12/18. I knew at this appt. I definately needed a fill.  I was running late (thank god they still saw me)  But I thought I would be in luck when I passed that cop on the turnpike doing 80 with WLC on the cell phone... Geez, I could have had over a $300, fine I am sure.  Must have been my lucky day!

I weighed 199 on Oct 14 and lost down to 193, but sure enough gained all that back so on my Dec. 18 appt I still weighed 199.  I can't believe I didn't get smacked with 200, although I did see that a couple of times again on my scale.  I thought I was in onederland for good.  So now I got my fill and gave myself a talking to and I am getting back on the wagon.

And I now have an even bigger goal.  We leave for Florida for 3 weeks vacation on Feb. 26, that is 10 weeks away and I sure would like to be in my size 16 shorts that have been in attic for years! I should be able to do that and maybe more since that is only 2 lbs. per week.

Back from surgery

Jul 10, 2009

I am back home from surgery and overall it was not too bad.  I would not have said that yesterday.  At one point I was wondering why did I do this to myself, but I had a feeling my pain would not be controlled since I already have a high tolerance to pain meds.  I got out of surgery shortly after lunch and by 1:00 A.M. they had me on Vicodin and that finally helped.  The injections helped, but they only seemed to last about an hour.

I am so excited, I came home and got on the scale and lost 8 lbs. in two days.... geez, it took me one year to lose 12. 

I am still a little confused about how much I have to drink in the clear and full liquid stages.  I called my Nut and she said my total intake should be 64 oz.  So if I am getting 32 oz. from protein and 12 oz. of juice, I guess I need to fit in 20 oz. more of crystal light or water, or popsicles.  I am limiting my drinks to 2 oz. but it seems like they gave me more then that at a time in the hospital.  

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