Feb. 16 visit

Feb 16, 2010

I was 195.8 this visit.  Only lost 3.2 lbs. but at least it was not a gain.  I did good the first month after my last fill, but then on Jan. 18 after dogsitting for the weekend, my right arm started hurting.  I have never had so much pain in my life in my limbs. My pain pills would not even dull it.  I had this for 3 weeks. The steriod shot finally helped.  Between that and all the snow, all I did was sit and eat!  So that botched my weight loss for these two months.  So now I start over again and now I am trying something different.  My goal every night is to be off the couch by 7 and no more snacks after that time.  I have plenty to do to get ready for vacation.  Dr. W said being on vacation should help, he said most people can make good choices eating out.   I know if I get more active I will not want to snack so much.  My meal portions are no problem.  I am satisfied on 1/2 meal eating out and 3/4 c. protein is satisfying.


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