2nd Fill- Sure was needed

Dec 19, 2009

My 1st fill was Sept 1, about 4 cc in 10 cc band.  I have been really poor about keeping records of my journey and now I am regretting it.   My next appt. was Oct. 14 and the first with Dr. Weiger.  I lost weight and still had pretty good restriction so I didn't get a fill.  I was doing good till Thanksgiving.  I did not overeat that day, but after that I just keep 'justifying' that I needed a reward of 'snacks.'   I was eating chips, cookies, nuts, all the wrong foods again and mostly  from 8 p.m. until bedtime, the worst time to eat.  I was just out of control.   Thank god for my appt. on 12/18. I knew at this appt. I definately needed a fill.  I was running late (thank god they still saw me)  But I thought I would be in luck when I passed that cop on the turnpike doing 80 with WLC on the cell phone... Geez, I could have had over a $300, fine I am sure.  Must have been my lucky day!

I weighed 199 on Oct 14 and lost down to 193, but sure enough gained all that back so on my Dec. 18 appt I still weighed 199.  I can't believe I didn't get smacked with 200, although I did see that a couple of times again on my scale.  I thought I was in onederland for good.  So now I got my fill and gave myself a talking to and I am getting back on the wagon.

And I now have an even bigger goal.  We leave for Florida for 3 weeks vacation on Feb. 26, that is 10 weeks away and I sure would like to be in my size 16 shorts that have been in attic for years! I should be able to do that and maybe more since that is only 2 lbs. per week.


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