Post op day 9

Apr 17, 2015

26 pounds down from March 25.  Crazy.  I feel really good but I still get tired easily.  I think I probably push it just a little harder than I should.  I still have a household to run, after all.  :)   Getting that drain out yesterday was life changing.  I just feel so free now that that thing is not tethered to me all the time.

I felt I needed a change tonight for dinner.  While I was at the store I picked up a few baby food items, and tonight I had Turkey and Gravy and also Squash.  I don't think it equaled quite a half cup, but man did it taste good.  I am still on full liquids for another week but I got the super processed foods so they were actually less solid than yogurt.  I think I might make dinner every night something like this.  I still meet my protein goals and it really is satisfying. 


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